Angel Chen

History: What is the important from the timeline and why is it so important?

In 1500's AD the Inca empire reach its peak. It is important because the Inca is the strongest native american in Peru. They conquered other Indian tribes and took over their land. Inca is not the first native american but it is the strongest native american.

Culture: What is Peru's main religion and how did it become the main religion?

Roman Catholic is the main religion in Peru. Roman Catholic is the main religion because the Roman Catholic church was the state church until 1979. Then after the Roman Catholic church other church was build.
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Geography: What type of climate does Peru have and how do they affect the culture?

Peru's climate is very mild. For instance limes averages 65 F (18 C) year- round. In the east. There is the tropical amazon basin. Amazon basin is a selva so people their is pretty poor.

Resource/ Economy: What type of money do Peru have are they poor or rich? What resource do they have and do they export it to other country?

Nuevo sol is the type of money Peru have. Peru have serious money problem so they are poor. Peru have a lot of resource but the biggest resource is copper and they export it to other country.
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