Kasilof Boys & Girls Club

Located At Tustumena Elementary


We're listening. In talking to the kids, we found that our older members were... well, they were getting bored. It was feeling a little too much like day care. Solution? We're adding new activities that will engage the older kids such as building water rockets, bird houses, orienteeering and others as we continue to hear what the kids like to do. If you have a special talent, trade or passion you'd like to share (volunteer) an hour per week OR if you have ideas of fun things for us to add please contact Unit Director Michele Hayman at mhayman@positiveplaceforkids.com


We are currently doing a needs assessment for parents who need the Boys & Girls Club at 7:30am the Spring or in the Fall. Please contact Michele at the email address above ASAP if you have need of morning hours.

Early Closure

The Clubhouse will close 30 minutes early (5:30pm) on Friday, February 1st so that we can help with Tustumena Elementary School's Carnival (5:30-8:30pm). Please mark your calendar to pick your kids up early and come out to support your school carnival.


NEW MEMBERS WELCOME $75 for the entire year.

If you registered before October last year, you need to renew.

If you registered in October, November or December, your membership is valid for 2013.

New Members: Please remember to make your school aware of your child's BGC schedule.