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It is the cross-sectional ago just 20 x 20 mm wide / high as well as several months within a pharmacy operating available. It shall take highly precise and highly dynamic works, what is at low loads of up to max. 1 kg is especially important. In drug handling only low loads are moved generally - in this particular case Dimotion has a long portal of three Miniature Linear Guides delivered, each having a amount of 1.5 m. Here a camera was additionally even mounted to watch the process. The stiffness on the axle as well as the compact design open up a flexible technique axis.

Lock-web.jpgThe in-house advancement of Dimotion runs within the name LDMB20 (the amount represents the dimension of your cross section). A prototype of your miniature linear guide is now being tested being a device module for passenger access control in the airport. There sensors / detectors are stored on the brand new miniature linear guide method to scan travelers from top to bottom. Only then will open the lock (the passage). Typically these sensors / detectors are mounted statically. Such a technique is for that operators but ultimately quite prone and expensive (defective sensitive). It has been found out that a technique of sensing a linear axis and considerably more more and practical economical ultimately is. About additional parts of application, we help you stay up-to-date.

In their own production Dimotion now beneath the name LDMB080 a linear axis fully stainless-steel components which is already sold in series. Although there are already different corrosion resistant products on the market, but they are not made of stainless steel. Whether in agriculture, the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry or perhaps in the immediate vicinity on the harbor basin. Automated movements require the suitable components that ought to be adequately protected against corrosion. The primary series axis inside the size 80 is comparable in their performance with those of aluminum shafts inside the same size: This is applicable to both dimensions, load ratings and feed forces as well as the movement and positioning.

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