Aleutian Sparrow

by: Bryce Manley and Logan Griggs

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The Aleutian Sparrow

The book Aleutian Sparrow is about Japan taking over the Aleutian islands.They were taken to relocation camps and have little food and medicine. The Aleut family's didn't know what to expect when they got home. Read the book to find out.
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These Are the Aleuts

One fact about the Aleut people were the Aleut men were forced into slave labor as seal hunters, with the US threat of never being able to return to their homes if they did not.
The Aleuts were people who lived in the Aleutian islands
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Alexei Chirikov discovered Alaska mainlands and Aleutian islands in 1741.

William Seward bought Alaska for $7,200,000.

Alaska has important industries like fisheries,wood and wood products,fur,and tourism.

Aleutian Camps

How there were taken/about the camps

The evacuation of Aleut Americans began in June 1942, shortly after the bombing of Dutch Harbor and the invasion of Attu and Kiska by the Japanese. Federal officials ordered that anyone of “one eighth (1/8) native blood” must go; to where, no one knew.Eventually, federal officials settled on four locations in Southeast Alaska: Funter Bay, Killisnoo, Burnett Inlet and Ward Lake.There was always ever-present death in these camps, where disease was rampant, from boils, to tuberculosis. Aleuts were placed in damp and rotting buildings for years, with little food or medicine.