Cake Decorator

Ramla Mohamed

Job description and average salary range

A cake decorator works to create a visually appealing and delicious cakes. You can design shapes and sizes of the cake with using a special tool. Also cake decorator usually apply icing or frosting to make it look beautiful. Finally cake decorator create cakes for wedding , birthday , party, anniversaries, and festivals. There average salary range is usually 25,120 dollars.

Outlook and Education Requirement

I think in the future there will be less cake decorator because they have slowing average time growth. Also the job growth of cake decorator is about 6%. For cake decorator the education requirement you need is associate degree and a baking and pastry Art/Baker/Pastry Chef.

Experience Needed and Related Occupation

The experience you need to become a cake decorator is training from your mentor for about 1 to 2 years. Some related occupation are art designer, baker and administrative services manger.

Special talents or skills that could be beneficial and Describe what a typical day may look like in your career

To be a processional cake decorator you need skills such as designing, icing, decorating. If you are a creative you can design cakes by just adding beautiful sketching on the cake. Also you can make the cake much appealing if you apply different icing on it such as butter cream and royal. You will learn how to use decorative techniques to make variety of icing. If I describe the typical day for a cake decorator is working hard to get the most desirable cake that everyone will love. But sometime it might be difficult because you might run out of time if you are on a time limit.

3 Pros and 3 Cons about the job and Sources for more information

There are some difficulties being a cake decorator because you might be stressful with long working hours. Also you might face occupational hazard and falls. But there are also pros to becoming cake decorator because you will enjoy creating amazing cakes and use your artistic eye to design what ever you like. You don't have to worry about going to college for long because it only takes 2 years of training. Sources for more information is