April Stuff

Stuff that we did in April by: Gene DiMedio & Molly McButter

Earth Week

Earth Week was April 19th to the 26th and we had these activities that we do. On the 21st of April we made a mural with green hands.


John is a man in the 2009-World-Record-Book (page 12) For The tightest rolled up frying-pan.

We got to meet him in one of our assemblies and he told us that when he was younger he couldn't talk. So he got bullied a lot. So then when we met him he broke a baseball bat in half also he held two kids on a metal pole and then he bent the pole in half with his teeth!

Fourth grade rocks!

Ecosystems and Organisms

In Science we looked at four different habitats: desert, forest, grassland, and pond. Gene liked the forest habitat the best. Molly liked the desert the best. In the desert there was ants, sand, and a cactus. In the forest they had dirt, leaves, and bugs. In the grassland they had dirt, worms and grass. Last of all in the pond there was snails, pebbles, and leaves.

Ecosystems and Organisms on April 28, 2015

Now the pond habitat has this weird yellow fuzzy thing stuck on the leaves. The forest didn't really change. The grassland now had a lot of grass and you can see the worms better. Also, of course in the desert habitat all the ants are dead in a hole in the sand.