Push-And-Pull Factors

--By Xinqiu Huang

Religious Persecution

Country: North Korea

People move from this country because they don't have the religion of persecution. In North Korea, people can only believe in the Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-um. The government is proud of put the follower of other religion to the jail. So those kind of people move for the freedom of religion.

Usually they can't move to other countries, but some of them find the way to Mongolia and then go to Korea through some ways. After they reach Korea, they can choose to go to any country as long as they have enough money.

There are many push factors to North Korean. The Kim family force their people hang their picture in their room, and pray to them. The person who don't follow it will be put into jail. And people in North Korea is very poor, many people died because of hungry while Kim family is having rich life.

Ethnic Persecution


In the World War II, all of Jew all persecuted by Adolf Hitler. Why Hitler killed the Jew? Because in his ridiculous opinion, Jew is not a pure blood group. He use all they ways he can thought to torment Jew, and he is enjoy it. So the Jew tried their best to escape from it.

Most of Jew went to America, rest of them went to Canada and Western Europe.

The mainly reason of Jew move to other country is because of the persecution from Hitler.

Environmental Factors


There are many Japanese move to other countries in these year. As we saw in the news, the population of Japan are increasing each year, so the Japanese who have enough money are move to other countries. Japanese environmental is worse in this year constantly, and the earthquake is really awful.

Most of them like to move to the Germany. Because Japanese people like Germany people, if Germany want to visit Japan, they don't need to grant a visa.

Germany life style is very district as Japanese life style, people like to follow the rules and Germany environment is pretty good.

Economics Motives


As the increasing population of China, more and more young man cannot get a job after they graduated from school. So they went to other countries because they believe they will have more opportunity.

Chinese like to move to America, England and Canada.

People cannot get job in their own country. Because there are many people in China, so people have to fight for every opportunity really hard. In America or Canada or England, the people is much less than China which means people will have more opportunity to getting something. For example, in China there are 1000 people want to get a job, but in America or England or Canada only 500 people want to get it.

Political Factors

Country:United Sates

American are moving to Canada, because they don't like the government under Bush. Base on a data, there are ten thousand nine hundred forty-two people move to Canada in 2006. Some people said they feel the Canadian government more care about the citizens than United States.

Forced Migration


Those England people were forced to move Australia in last century.

In last century, England government sent many England children from the very poor family to Australia for increasing the number of the white in colonies. Among these children, some had been physiological and psychological hurts. The family which sent their children to Australia will get some money from the England government.