Sumter STEAM Charter Updates (4/26)


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Welcome to our 3rd E-Newsletter!

Welcome to the third community eNewsletter for Sumter STEAM Charter! One of our five core pillars of Sumter STEAM Charter is meaningful family & community engagement. Designed with you in mind, our hope is for this newsletter to serve as another communication tool to remain engaged with the community so you can be in the know with what's happening at Sumter STEAM Charter!
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SCPCSD Approves Sumter's First, Tuition-Free Public Charter School

In a public hearing held on April 16, the SC Public Charter School District Board of Trustees unanimously approved (6-0) the application to establish Sumter's first tuition-free public charter school - Sumter STEAM Charter. The board's approval is the final step in the state district's authorization process that spanned seven steps: submission of a Letter of Intent, application submission, application completeness check, external application evaluation, capacity interview, formal presentation, and public board hearing & vote. This is the final step in the state district's authorization process. We cannot wait to serve the families and community of Sumter with an additional high-quality public education option!

April's Board Meeting goes Digital

In continuing the work of bringing an additional high-quality public education option to the Sumter community, the Sumter STEAM Charter planning committee virtually conducted its April monthly meeting. Want to know of actions taken by the board? All meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed online at
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SSC Recommendation Report Receives Highest Possible Mark from SCPCSD

The recommendation report from the state’s review of our charter application received the highest possible mark, meeting all standards in 14 of 15 categories and partially meeting the standards in one category. The categories cover three essential components of the application - the school’s educational plan, organizational plan, and business plan. We worked hard and believe we have done the work well.
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Now Hiring for SSC's Founding Director

In these challenging times, we are reminded of the importance of strong leadership. We are conducting a nation-wide search to find the best leader for Sumter STEAM Charter! SSC is looking for a mission-driven & results-oriented individual with a proven record of charter school experience who is ready to roll up their sleeves and build a high-performing charter school. Check out the job description and hare widely with others. Interested candidates should connect with a recruiter today at Building Excellent Schools!
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A Scholar's Pathway to Success at SSC

At Sumter STEAM Charter, we are dreaming BIG because the states are HIGH...after all, our scholars will only get one shot at a K-12 education!

The two images above illustrate a scholar's journey as s/he progresses throughout their tenure as a scholar at Sumter STEAM Charter. Our grade levels are grouped into academies to provide for a more personalized learning environment. The focus area and expected student competencies for each grade level are outlined. Scholars leaving the primary academy in grade three will be reading on grade level and on track to score in the 85th percentile on end-of-the-year benchmark assessments as they exit the elementary academy. Such off-the-chart achievement will help equip our scholars with the foundation to handle the rigor of 4-7 high school credit-bearing classes in the junior academy.

As scholars progress to the senior academy, many will finish state-required high school coursework (remember, we are a charter school that follows state graduation requirements) so that the focus during the second half of their junior year and full senior year will be devoted to dual enrollment programming and work-based learning experiences. Many will graduate with their associate's degree while others will graduate with multiple work-based/industry certifications. Under this model, we are committed to graduating scholars with a clear purpose!

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100 Day Post-Authorization Action Plan

Now that we are approved, we are excited to roll up our sleeves and get to work on turning our vision into a reality! Here are the six goals we will be working in the upcoming months.

  1. Facilitate a nation-wide search to hire the Founding Executive Director.
  2. Begin the state facility approval process for the Primary Academy campus including renovation plans.
  3. Apply for and successfully secure charter school start-up grant funding.
  4. Increase the level of community awareness for Sumter STEAM Charter.
  5. Build stronger relationships with key external stakeholders.
  6. Build the capacity of the founding board and management team.
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Want to host an awareness session for SSC?

Community outreach continues! We would love to come and share the story, mission, and model for Sumter's first-ever tuition-free, public charter school. If you would like to host an awareness session, text 803.216.5745 or email us at

Stay connected with SSC as we turn our vision into reality!

A world-class, STEAM-focused, and student-centered tuition-free public charter school will open its doors in the Fall 2021 in Sumter County. We plan to serve K-1 scholars in year one, adding PK and 2nd grade in year 2, and then adding one additional grade level each year thereafter. We are on a clear-cut mission to change the narrative about what is possible for the children of Sumter and SC....join us on this exciting journey!