Chemical and Physical Properties

By: Sophie Ruffini

Physical Properties

Definition: Physical Properties are characteristics of a substance that can be observed without changing the substance. To put that in simpler terms, physical properties are properties you can observe by using your 5 senses. Some examples of physical properties would be the color of an object, the size, texture, volume of a speaker, etc.

Physical Change

Definition: When you change a property of a substance, but not the substance itself. An example of a physical change is cutting something into small pieces or changing the shape of something.

Chemical Properties

Definition: Chemical properties describe how substances can form different substances. There are two different "forms" of chemical properties, combustible and corrosion. Combustible's definition is how well can a substance burn. Corrosion is the ability for a metal to rust/tarnish. Examples of this would be if a substance is corrosive, flammable, toxic, etc.

Chemical Change

Definition: A chemical change is when a whole new substance is created. This process is non-reversible or permanent. Examples of this would be burning, rusting, tarnishing, or simply cooking.

Sings of a Chemical Change

To have a chemical change you need at least two of these signs.

Essential Question

It is important for people to understand physical properties because we use/make these observations all the time. That chair is blue, the floor is green, the pillow is soft, that speaker is loud, etc. We need to understand this, so we are able to fully recognize our world and be able to experience all it has to offer.

It is important for people to understand physical changes because we use them all the time! As humans, we like to experiment with food. We can do this by freezing some of our favorite foods. By freezing the food, we have just created a physical change. This circle just goes on. If we want to make pasta, we have to boil the water. That's a physical change! We need to understand this because we experience physical changes all the time to do simple tasks such as cook meals!

It is important for people to understand chemical properties, so we can avoid things that are toxic that will hurt us. Plus, this will also let us know when something is flammable, like hair spray. This will warn us to keep the flammable objects away from fire. Also, it will warn us when something is corrosive and will damage our skin. Being able to understand chemical properties will be able to save us from some very unpleasant situations.

Lastly, it is important for people to understand chemical changes because chemical changes are essential for us to be able to do many things. To be able to make many foods, we need to make substances such as cake mix. Cake mix is a chemical change because we have to add many different substances to make one substance. Once we make cake mix, we can not separate the ingredients out once again. As many people probably don't know, cake mix is a chemical change. Plus, as our world evolves around us, there are many chemical changes happening, like your old car rusting or your mother's favorite vase tarnishing. By being able to understand chemical changes, we are able to understand how our world works around us.

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