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Put This On Your Calendar Now!

On Friday, February 26, your child needs to be in Room 116 by 7:50. We are departing at 8:00 sharp to attend Baptist Health's "Let's Pretend Hospital." This applies only to our class, Ms. Braswell's, and Mrs. Hernandez's families. The other half of Community One will attend earlier in the week. You have a notice of 27 days to make sure on Friday, February 26, your child will in the classroom by 7:50. We are waiting word if chaperones may attend.
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We Know Good Readers Recommend Books To Other Good Readers

While at the Pike Road public library, this student found a book he knew Mrs. McDevitt would want to read. Our class knows that good readers have conversations about books with other good readers. A characteristic of good readers is to tell other good readers, "You would love this book. Go ahead and give it a read!"

Writing Biographies

We are in the middle of our biography investigation. Last week we wrote a biography about a loved one. Look for that to come home on Wednesday because you will want to make sure that it is delivered to the hands of the inspired one. This week the students will be writing a biography all on their own about one of their classmates. We started the interview process last week. Take a blank piece of paper and be able to turn it into a biography demonstrates that you are a thinker. Room 116 is full of thinkers.
Learning to Write Biographies

Creating 3D Presentations About Influential People

We are reading biographies about influential people. We recently received an app that allows us to take a photo of a face and turn it into a 3D presentation. So last week, a group of students researched Martin Luther King Jr. and wrote facts. They were posed with the project of creating a 3D presentation. They had to find a photo off the internet and make a recording speaking in the form of Dr. King. The task was big but they persevered and were successful. Mrs. McDevitt is thankful for parent volunteers and our paraprofessional, Mrs. Morris, for listening to Mrs. McDevitt's ideas and working with the students. Mrs. McDevitt is so thankful for the support Room 116 gets from our families, either in the classroom or from home. The students have no idea how this support enhances their learning.
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Books Needed

We have a big surprise for the children that will be unveiled in mid-February that revolves around books. It will bring excitement to Community One. Room 116 is in need of a few titles to make this surprise happen. Click on the link below and see if you can purchase one of the titles for the classroom to keep.

Friday Had Three Visiting Readers to Room 116

The Importance of Measuring

We have a job to do regarding an ocean display that the entire school will see. To do our job we are going to have to measure. We started practicing measuring so that when we are required to do our job, we will be experts. Mrs. McDevitt loves how engaged we are in this video.
Measuring with Nonstandard Units

Information for this upcoming week

Remember that sight words are high frequency words in literature. These words need to be read accurately and instantly upon sight. Sight word schedule for the next nine weeks:
1.5: all, going, pretty
1.11: came, take
1.19: once, when
1.25: how, please
2.1: by, our
2.8: round, then
2.16: an, from
2.22: find, live
2.29: review

Information will be coming later this week about Room 116's Valentine's Day party. The children will be exchanging Valentines with one another. A list of class names will be sent home on Monday. Please let your children write TO and FROM on his/her valentines. Valentines may be sent to school on February 10, 11 or the 12. To prevent any broken first grade hearts, make sure there is a Valentine for every student in Room 116 before sending them to school.

In math, we continue to measure and add and subtract. Math is incorporated into so much of our day that it never really ends.

In reading, we are making sure we know the sounds of: wh, sh, th, ph, wr, ck. We are understanding the "ed" at the end of words can make one of three sounds: ed, d, or t.

Our ocean project of investigating the different zones of the ocean is taking off. We research animals and then discover which zone they live in the ocean.

Don't forget to send in one piece of white poster board by February 5 for your child's individual ocean fact book.

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Room 116 Has Sumdog

The children are in the process of learning how to use a mathematical website called Sumdog. Later in the week, Mrs. McDevitt will send home information on how your can log-in from home and work on math skills. Your child will be working at his/her mathematical level and have the opportunity to move to higher level concepts as mastery takes place. Members from Community 6 helped Mrs. McDevitt implement Sumdog in Room 116. The older Patriots were encouraging, knowledgable, and patient as they worked with the younger Patriots. Mrs. McDevitt was impressed by the volunteers. We have a lot to be proud of at PRS.
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Mrs. McDevitt Apologizes For the Slideshow Music

No one is more tired of the same music found in the slideshows than Mrs. McDevitt. Even Mrs. McDevitt's own family makes fun of her when they hear the music playing as she edits. One day when Mrs McDevitt has a ton of free time on her hands, she will learn to improve on the music selections for the slideshow. Until then just ignore the music and focus on the learning or mute it before starting and focus on the learning.

Upcoming Events

2.2: Book orders due: online code GL88R

2.5 Group picture (new date)

2.5: Send in one piece of white poster board

2.12: Cookie Dough Fundraiser ends

2.12 Valentine's Day Party for Room 116 1:20-2:05

2.15: No school for students: Professional Development Day for Lead Learners

2.26: Room 116 needs to be at school by 7:50 for a bus departure of 8:00

3.21-3.25: Spring Break: no school

4.20: Community 1's field trip to Lanark (unlimited chaperones - no younger siblings)