Timeline of Bridges

By:Triet Nguyen


The need for road crossing across water at that time without using Queensferry Passage was disscussed seriously for the first time . Many plan to create the Firth of Forth was dream up.This idea was developed and throw out throughout the 18th century.


Edinburgh civil engineer and land surveyor James Anderson drawn up Plans for the bridge across the Firth of Forth . It was discarded due to the drawing unrealistic drawing.


The New York-Brooklyn Bridge construction passes legislation from the New York state legislature .


John Roebling presents design for 1,600-foot New-York-Brooklyn bridge across the East River.


Thomas Bouch’s Tay Bridge collapse , more than 70 railway passengers die and put a stop to

Bouch-designed Forth railway crossing.


New York-Brooklyn Bridge completed , Roebling wife was the first person to go across the street . Bridge open on May 24 to traffic .


the Firth of Forth is bridged For the first time , providing a new way of travel instead of the ferries that had been use for centuries . Was designed by Sir John Fowler and Benjamin Baker to look impossible to collapse . it was officially completed on 4 March 1890 .


the need for a road crossing over the Firth of Forth became more urgent With the steady advance of the motor age. J Inglis Ker even thought didn't live to see the bridge being build , he was instrumental in its conception.


George Washington Bridge celebration were held to mark it opening . it crosses the Hudson River and connects Manhattan with New Jersey . Upon completing the GW bridge took over the Brooklyn Bridge as the world logest bridge with a main spawn of 1100 meter.


the Golden Gate Bridge open in 1937 with a mainspan of 1280 metres and take over the GW bridge as the longest suspension bridge.


The national economic crisis in 1930 and the second world war put road crossing to a stop until the late 1940s


In 1957 The Mackinac Bridge in Michigan opened With 1158 metres long and is the world’s third longest suspension bridge .


The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge with a main span of 4260 feet connect Brooklyn and Staten Island and is the world's longest suspension bridge.


The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge create new record as the longest suspension bridge connecting Shikoku and Honshu in Japan.


in 2004 the Forth Road Bridge was the first suspension bridge in Europe to have its main cable opened up to check for any sign of corrosion . Bridge authority was supprise when 8-10% of the cable strengh is gone due to corrosion.Work to prevent futher lost begin immediately.