Best Selling Toys of 2015

25 of the best selling toys

Lower 15-20 Top Selling Toys

25. Minions Toys- Jumbo Talking Dave

There aren't many Minion toys out but this one is the coolest. Jumbo Dave has eyes that light up, says 10 minion sayings, and is soft and huggable.

Price: around $63.11

24. Marvels Avengers Hawk-eye Long-shot Bow

Comes with six suction cup foam arrows that fire up to 40 feet so your child will fell like a avenger.


22.Nerf zombie Strike Flip-fury Blaster

Nerf guns are always good sellers but this one is the coolest. Can be used in doors year around.


18. Hot Wheels Street Hawk

The Street Hawk is the coolest gadget to play with if your child wants to drive on land or fly in the air. Easily reaches 200 feet in the air and can preform stunts.


Street Hawk How-To Demo | Hot Wheels

Number 1 Top Selling Toy

The number 1 top selling toy is the Jurassic World Indominus Rex Figure

Jurassic World’s biggest star is the Indominus Rex, and you can bring her home right now (yes, she’s a she). This chomping Indominus Rex will bring a bit of excitement to your child’s playtime, and it is one of the best new cool toys for boys and girls of 2015. Undoubtedly, she will rule all of your other toys.


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Number 2 Top Selling Toy

Syma X5c Quad-copter Drone with Camera

RC drones have seen a meteoric rise this year, and your kids are going to be looking for a flying drone under their tree this Christmas. The Syma X5C 4 is the best-selling of the toy dronesavailable, and comes in at a fantastic price point under $50. You can also check out more camera drones before making a decision, as picking the right drone depends on what it’s intended for.


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Syma X5C Quadcopter 4CH Built-in HD Camera 2.4G $90.00 - Flight Test!

Number 4 Top Selling Toy

If they’ve yet to upgrade to the next generation of consoles, video game-loving kids are going to be looking for a console under their tree this year. The Xbox One has a great bundle for the new 1TB edition which includes the hotly anticipated Forza Motorsport 6.


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