Miner Minutes

February 13, 2016

Student/Faculty Basketball Game THIS FRIDAY

Please build this special event up with your students. It is a PTSO fundraiser, and this money will be used specifically for field trip scholarships. Also, we will use a pep rally schedule on this day. Students can enter to play using minerbucks as their raffle tickets (the more minerbucks they turn in, the more chances to play they have). Students pay 2$ for admission, and please remind them to bring extra money for concessions. Students who do not pay to attend will remain in the classroom with one of the teachers on their team/pod. Please plan ahead on who that person will be.

School Improvement Team meets THIS WEEK

Our SIP will be meeting this week to conduct a check on our progress with our school improvement plan. The majority of their time will be spent on the surveys that you, students, and parents completed. We SO appreciate each of you taking the time to respond. Already, the survey results have been read seriously and taken into consideration. We will be doing the same with the student and parent information. Please know your time is very appreciated in completing these surveys.

Start Planning Ahead for Feb. 24: World Read Aloud Day - 10 minutes per class!

CMS will be participating in World Read Aloud Day! All YOU need to do is find a content specific read aloud for 10 minutes to use in your class and let students know you are doing this in honor of World Read Aloud Day. It is so important that we model good literacy skills for our students. You can read aloud children's books that relate to your content, nonfiction reads that go with your content, or current events that align with your content. Ms. Williams has offered to help anyone find materials if they need them. You can also check out this website for more information! We can't wait to see what you choose!


Benchmarks/Mock EOGs - altered schedule

Please remember we will be conducting our next round of benchmarks as mock EOGs/NCFEs. Remember to the NCFE subjects that you are creating your own assessment and it needs to be ready soon! We will have schedules out to you this week on those altered days. It is incredibly important that we help students understand the importance of these days and WHY we are conducting these assessments as a mock EOG. If you are unsure yourself, please ask an administrator. This will be on Feb 24 (Yes, world read aloud day), Feb. 25, March 1, and March 2.

Community Supporters

We are continually thankful for the Cabarrus Health Alliance and the Cabarrus STARs program (many of you now know Corey very well, as well as Rolanda and Katie!). We now have an additional supporter of our students, the Capstone/SHIFT program (which also helped some last year). The Capstone/Shift program will be focusing on targeted behavioral interventions and mentoring with at risk 6th grade students during their Encore time. They will only be working with 10-14 students, and those names will be sent out soon, but we wanted to be sure all were aware of this additional partner in serving our students.

Tammy's Tech Tip - Snip, snip, snip!

Go to start button and type in Snipping Tool. It will pop up. Click New and capture your image! I shared this with Ms. York this week when she was going around the world to do the same thing but this is so much faster. You can save all of your screenshots too! Happy Snipping! (See screenshot below)

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CMS Lingo - whose kids?

Instead of saying "these kids," let's ALL start saying OUR KIDS. This small change in language can make a HUGE difference. Pronouns are important, and it's key that we OWN our students rather than refer to them in the third person. Start holding one another accountable for saying OUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!

EOG Test Dates

Our EOG test dates have not been released yet. Apparently there is quite a lot of debate amongst the middle school leadership across the district on them. We will release them as soon as we have them. But it's important that we are all mentally aware and physically preparing our students: ALL state tests will be ONLINE excluding 6th grade reading and math EOGs. Therefore, you need to ensure your students are practicing with assessments online consistently. You need to think about how students can practice annotating online and how to brainstorm and practice on scratch paper, but then enter answers digitally. This is SO IMPORTANT that our students are prepared for this new age of testing!

Next Safety Module due February 22!

We have another module that is due in Safe Schools. Please use the directions below to get to the correct module. All staff are required to take this course. Please complete as soon as possible. The deadline is 2/22/2015.

1. Go to: http://cabarrus.nc.safeschools.com

2. Username: (use Time Keeper ID)

3. Password: first initial lastname (nlord)

4. Click on view more courses

5. Go to the Social Behavioral Section and choose Disruptive Student Behavior

2016 Transition Dates

High School Transition Dates:

February (TBD soon) CHS/Robinson counselors meet with 8th graders

March 9, 2016 (Wednesday) 8th Graders visit CHS & Robinson

Elementary Transition Dates:

April 19, 2016 (Tuesday) Elementary students visit Concord Middle (Coltrane, Beverly, R. Brown, Weddington, Wolf M)

April 20, 2016 (Wednesday) Elementary students visit Concord Middle (Irvin & Royal Oaks)

April 28, 2016 (Thursday) Parent Night: Rising 6th grade

June 9th Capped Workday

Be sure that you ALL plan ahead for June 9th being a capped workday. We are already planning ahead to the end of the year checklist and needs for the school. No one will be excused from working on this day, so be sure it's on all of your calendars.


As FYI, Ms. Brewer put a proposal out on this website for more fun furniture for our math lab, and she was able to get all items donated by 5 different donors (Mass, Washington, NC, Duke Energy Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). If you need something for your classroom, put it out there!!!!

NC TWCS Survey

The NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey will be released on March 1, 2016. It is important that we are all aware of why we must take this lengthy survey. The NC Department of Public Instruction heavily uses your feedback to use with legislative issues as well as other state initiatives. School districts across our state also utilize this data in trying to better every district's working conditions. We will later release how we will best ensure all certified staff take this survey, but we wanted to be sure you were aware of this upcoming need for your opinions.

Various Announcements

Dress Code: There have been some questions related to headbands in the last few weeks. We will soon be announcing that students need to ensure that headbands are not allowed unless it is worn past the hairline. Otherwise, it is seen as an unneeded accessory.

Positive principal phone calls - these continue to be AWESOME! Please enter some names you feel deserve it!


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Calendar Reminders

February 15: regular school day (due to snow 1/22)

February 16: SIT meeting at 7:30am

February 19: Student/Faculty ball game (pep rally schedule)

Feb 19-21: PowerSchool maintenance weekend

February 23 730: Mentor/Mentee Meeting

February 23: grade level meetings; progress reports

February 24: Mock EOG schedule - science assessments; world read aloud day

February 25: Mock EOG schedule - social studies assessments

March 1: Mock EOG schedule - LA6, math 7-8

March 1: SLT at 7:30am

March 2: Mock EOG schedule - LA 7-8 and Math 6

Marth 8: Faculty meeting at 7:30am

March 8: Cabarrus Arts Council "I Have a Dream" Performance 2:45pm 8th grade

March 11: 6th grade field trip to Myrtle Beach

March 15: Originally a regular school day, but was changed to a teacher workday that is CAPPED. This day is taking place of the May teacher workday that was on the original CCS calendar.

March 22: Grade level meetings

March 24: Early dismissal

March 25: Teacher workday (uncapped)

March 28 - April 1: Spring break!

April 5: SLT at 7:30am

April 6-8: DC Field trip for 8th grade

April 8: Blackout dance

April 11: Report cards go home

April 12: Faculty meeting at 7:30am

April 12 at 6pm: Chorus Concert

April 14 at 7pm: CMS Chamber Music Concert

April 19-20: Feeder schools’ visit CMS

April 26: Grade level meetings

April 28-29: 7th grade field trip

Big 3 Goals for 15-16 School Year

  1. Student learning
    1. PLC alignment
    2. powerful instructional strategies we haven’t tried before
  2. Capture the hearts of students and staff
  3. Structures for student success (MTSS, Behavior, Discipline procedures, Facilities, Communication internally and externally, CULTURE)
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