The One and Only, MICRO-GARDEN

Founded by Mr.Mead

The History of the Micro-Garden

The Micro-Garden was founded by Mr.Mead in 2011. There was an election in each of Mr.Mead's year five classes.

The most hardcore, dedicated Micro-Gardener at that time was Micheal Young, an amazing friend, and a spontaneous gardener.

Mr.Mead has been gardening for a long time, and even has a garden outside the year 1 area!

A quick review

The Micro-Garden now

Now the Micro-Garden is new and improved. It has a lot of new plants and new positions of the trays. There is a new support for plant that like to climb, and more convenient positions!

You can locate the Micro-Garden on top of the hall on the Year 5 roof.

The Micro-Garden Itself

The Micro-Garden used to be nothing, an empty space! Then, it was a bunch of trays positioned in a square shape. Then there was a box shaped tray in the middle of the "square", along with two other boxes on the sides. The box on the right is where Roydan Chu's pumpkin was planted. After the half-term break, the Micro-Garden took a whole new look, as explained above.