Alberta's Ethical Oil

Brought to you by The Government of Alberta


Yes, we understand that we may have bothered the natives

Yes, we understand that we may be bringing heavy metals to the surface

Yes, we understand that complications in the process may have led to bioaccumulation within the fish which may have affected the Crees

Yes, we understand that we may be spending 20 billion a year.

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But at the same time, one in every 15 jobs comes from oil and gas extraction and mining sectors.

10% of these jobs go to aboriginals.

In the next 25 years we can expect 184 billion dollars from oil sands.

We can create connections through trade by eliminating conflict oil and bringing in ethical oil.

And to stop the health impacts of our doings, we have a joint Canada Alberta implementation plan for oil sands. This commits to a new integrated and transparent environmental monitoring program that will be the most progressive and comprehensive of any industrial developed region in the world.

Not only will it improve our understanding of the current state of the environment but enhance our ability to detect environmental change and manage effect. It's different from other programs because it's not set up independently. It will integrate relevant parts of existing monitoring efforts with increased sampling locations and frequency including air, surface water and ground water and areas that have never been regularly monitored to ensure credibility.

We ensure that this is the most beneficial plan of action that will not only benefit Alberta, or Canada, but the world as a whole.