XY Relationships

Let Us Help You Find or Fix Your Forever Match!


Relationship Workshop

Let Us Help You Find or Fix Your Forever Match!

A science and bible-based workshop for the Married, the Dating & for Singles.

Based on XY Theory’s® science and how personality unconsciously affects your choices in dating and marriage.

January 11, 2015 │ 10am – 5pm

Flatbush SDA Church, 261 E. 21st Street, Brooklyn NY 11226

The Married, Engaged, and Dating will learn:
-how to predict problems in the relationship before they occur.
-about the eight hormones that make or break your relationship.
-how to change your partner without him or her knowing it
- how to solve problems that your partner won’t talk about.
-how to get your partner to communicate more (or less).
-how to get the affection and attention you need without having to beg for it.
-the keys to incredible intimacy.

Singles, you will learn:
-why you attractpartners who are unwilling to commitand why it's difficult to cut your losses and walk away when they won’t.
-if the person you’re interested in will be a perfect match based on your personalities alone, even before going on the first date.
-why you date and marry using your social personality & how it can trick you into choosing the wrong partner.
-about the dating hormones that blind you to the faults of the other person, so that you believe that what you see is what you’ll get.

Couples: $149.00 Singles: $89.00


Couples: $99.00 Singles: $59.00

For more information or to register: (800) 251-3603

XY Relationships

Sunday, Jan. 11th, 9am-5pm

261 E 21st Street

New York

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