Grade 5 BMS

Thursday, February 18th 2016

5th Grade News for the Parents by the Students!!

As you are aware, the Grade 5 students will be responsible for writing our Thursday flyer. This week, Grade 5B are the journalists. We hope you enjoy their report.

Important Dates

17.2.2016 Three-Way Parent Conferences

18.2.2016 Three-Way Parent Conferences

22.2.2016 5C visits the Reichstag and Ai Weiwei exhibit at Berlin Concert House

23.2.2016 Grade 5A, 5B, 5D children to visit Berlin Concert House to view Ai Weiwei exhibit

24.2.2016 Grade 5 children to visit Ai Weiwei studio to talk to him about his work

7.3.2016 5B visits the Reichstag

7.3.2016 5A, 5C, 5D visit the Germany History Museum

8.3.2016 5B visits Staatsballett Berlin

9.3.2016 5C visits Staatsballett Berlin

14.3.2016 5B visits the German History Museum

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 5th Grade Parents!

A big thank you to all the 5th grade parents who were able to attend our Artists Cafe and support, not only their child, but all the 5th grade students making it a huge success. The students really enjoyed the event as well as having a culminating activity to work towards. They all worked hard on their persuasive writing and art project and were proud to show it off.


The 5th Grade Teachers

How We Express Ourselves Unit-Art Cafe

In the last few weeks the 5th graders have been working on a project for the art café. Every child chose a social issue and wrote a persuasive writing to it and an art piece. The students worked for a few weeks until the persuasive writing was finished.They planned, wrote a rough draft and finally wrote or typed a neat final copy. In the end they showed all their wonderful work at the art café in the hallway in front of the classrooms. The parents were invited to see what they had been working on and to celebrate all their hard work.

3 Way Confrences

In this article we will talk about how we got ready for the three way conference. It will also talk about how the kids are leading the conferences. They are called three way conferences because there are the teachers, students, and parents.

At the start we got ready for the three way conferences we wrote a lot of reflections. In the three way conference we show all our work, in 5th grade, that is in our portfolio. For example math, units, reflections, and goals.

In the three way conferences the student talks/leads the conference. When the students lead the conferences the teachers listen to the student like the parents. When the student is explaining the teacher does not talk. The parents learn about what their daughter/son learned this year.

This was what we did at the three way conferences. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Thank you for reading!

Luca and Nathaniel

German-Poetry Workshop

In German we have been working on doing poetry, and we have been presenting our poems that we made on our own. 5a & 5c went to the Max Beckmann museum. 5b though, had the rapper course (Nathaniel's dad) come in to our class room. When Nathaniel's dad came he showed us some rap strategies that suit a beat. We also we had a special visitor called Bas. He showed us his poems he writes, and with him we also made our own poems. He also showed us the word tree, which shows the sound and meaning of the words. Also the classes made poems to a topic we brainstormed. He showed us a poem that had 4 beats. After we finished our poems we talked into the microphone, and Bas recorded us. We did the class poem in three variations; loud, whisper and without beat. Bas is a professional poet who preforms his work in public. We made small groups to make our own poems with Bas. Bas also showed us how he makes his poems, start with an idea and then build on it.

Participation of parents

Dear Parents,

For our new German Unit about local news we need your support. If you work is related to news, newspapers or magazines, TV or radio, we would appreciate your help. Maybe you would like to help us in organizing a visit or come to school to share your expertise. If you want to collaborate with us, please contact your German teacher. Thank you!

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In math we are learning a lot about long division. We learned a division method called chunking, that many students enjoy using. Other students prefer using the traditional method to work out long division problems with or without remainders. After learning about division with remainders, students learned how to divide decimals. Some students struggled to learn and understand about decimals but in the end they all understood. To finish off division, students did an assessment. After getting back the assessment students compared their pre-assessment to their assessment and were proud of what they learned about division. The children then put the assessment in their portfolio. Now we are going to start learning about fractions.

Reading and Writing

In writing we have been focusing on writing a persuasive text and editing it. The children have been writing a persuasive text about a social issue they want to change. It was a very hard and challenging exercise for the children to achieve. They learned how to persuade someone through this piece of writing. Children had to read a lot of non-fiction books and other non-fiction texts to find out more about their social issue they were studying to develop there persuasive writing piece.

At Family Literacy Day children got a bingo sheet where they were supposed to do practice reading and writing trough different activities.Most of the children managed to finish Wonder, which is a book we started reading in class four months ago.

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Unit Of Inquiry - How We Organize Ourselves

We have begun a new unit! We will be thinking about different government systems and how they affect the people who live under these systems. We have done a pre-assessment to see what we already know about the different government systems that exist. Stay tuned for more exciting activities...

Theater Trip to Die Ministerpräsidentin


They have been practicing gymnastics like a forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, tripod headstand, pyramid and candle. Then they have been moved into groups where they had to present some moves with their classmates. The sport teacher Ms. G has made videos of all the groups presenting, and she was very proud of the 5th grade.

They are doing a short Hip Hop unit which will end on the 18.02.2016 while the gym is being used by secondary students for exams.They have practiced the basic steps with a song called Stressed Out from 21 Pilots. They had to try to think of their own 16 beats, with their groups that Ms. G gave them.

Next they will be starting volleyball.Thank you for reading the 5th grade news

Sport by: Metehan, Alejandro


The children were given different artists self-portraits from the teacher. It was an interesting experience for the children to search on ipads for more information about these artists with a partner.Your children have practiced drawing realistic paintings though art.They have drawn shoes in a realistic as well as beautiful ways.

The imagination that the children have has a vast impact in their art. The children have started designing their own Piccaso style faces that we eventually make out of clay. Everyone has shown a lot of improvement in their abstract form of art.

We also worked on our own art pieces in class to express our social issue.

Musical Performance!

In our opinion it is great to see how the students have been improving during the musical classes.They put allot of effort in it while learning their scripts and the songs.They were practicing really hard and applied a wonderful work.They have grown out of their experiences and are now showing great effort. The dances and drama they are performing is getting better and better.The songs they are learning now are called: Romeo and Juliet, show in the globe, don’t mention Mac, all the words a stage, Will´s wonderful words, To be or not to be and no girls aloud. The teachers of the musical classes, Ms.Eichvalds, Ms.Karen and Ms.Katie, have been working a lot with the 5th graders. Sometimes the behavior of the 5th graders was getting unstable. But all in all they are doing a pretty good job. So we hope you enjoyed reading our writing.

By: Talia and Emma

How to help at home

Interested in doing research?


We have been working on several websites like Mathletics or Raz-Kids and Khan Acadamy. These are always useful tools to help at home. The websites are: