How to become a nurse

The role of nursing:

It is difficult at times to determine nursing between medicine.Since there are so many ways they work together.Some people think it began with Florence Nighttingale.With the origin of nursing as a mother care came the idea that nursing was a women's role.Helpless children were also cared for by their mother.The nurse is a caregiver,a communicater,leader,and a counselor.

History behind of being a nurse:

Over the course of human history.The words "nurse"have many meanings.It is not until the 19th century that the basis of nursing as a profession was established Nighttingale was educated by governess and by father.She was trained to be a nurse thrill at age 31.She organized and managed the nursing care for military hospital in turkey during Crimean war.

Nurses earn $33.15 an hour

Some types of nurses:

The nurse practitioners is a nurse with an advanced degree who has certified to work in a specific patient care.

The nurse anesthetist is a nurs who has completed the study do anesthesia.

The nurse midlife who has successfully completed midwife program and provides prohibited are to expectant mothers.


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