by Marie Lu (project by Zoe Strauch)


The style of the book is point of view. It changes the point of view of two main characters in all three books.


The conflict of the story is after June and Day escape from the Republic and joined the patriot hoping to find Day little brother. But they agreed to assassinate the new Elector in order to help the patriot win.

Another conflict in he book is that they both trying to find Day younger brother (Edan) when he was taken because he had some mutant plague and they hope that he is better and cure from the plague.


I will give this book a ten out ten because this book had such great a conflict because it was action pack. It was set in future. It was one of the best books that I ever read in a really long while. So I will tell anybody who is a huge fan of science fiction books to read this and the others.

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A symbol in the book is this pendent because he brings it where ever he goes and because it means that he knows that the USA was once a whole. Plus his dad give it to him before he died