Roadways for Romans!

Brooke Pasay

Roadway Introduction

Roadways are a very important part of the community, it leads Romans to move their armies, trade goods, and communicate with others. This technology carried people, cattle, vehicles, and traffic of anyway. Each of their 372 road things were required to be

8 feet wide when straight and 16 feet when curved.

How will it be used and what what is its purpose in Roman society?

The way it is used and its purpose has many different ways, it helps the community with transferring the supplies that they need, the armies that need to fight, and communication.
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Modern roadways look a lot different and aren't as complex as the Romans ancient roads. Now a days we use cement, that hardens but back then there were many different steps to getting a perfect roadway, also the main material made from Roadways was the beautiful stones.
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How will this technology advance Romans?

Roadways advance the Romans with the military, the citizens learned more about engineering, easier to navigate, and also were well protected and controlled.