Art Criticism & Analysis

Fall 2014 Online


I am so looking forward to experiencing this adventure into the world of art with you. I have been a working artist for twenty years, and enjoy all forms and genres of art. Guiding you through the process of understanding, appreciating, analyzing and critiquing works of art will be a fun journey.

I am sure this course will challenge you, cause you to think and speak more articulately about modern art, and in general, enhance your experience when viewing works of art.

Please begin by downloading the course syllabus and reading it carefully. Then tell us something about yourself in the Introductions Forum. It would be helpful to me to know if you have had any instruction in art history, or art appreciation, or if this is your first art course. After you have completed these tasks, you're ready for Week 1!

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is any way I can help you.


Irene Matson