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September 20, 2016

Payroll Review

It's that time of year! Be sure to log in to SISFin to review your personal information as well as pay, taxes, and deductions. The recommendation is always to email first if you have questions.

If you are unable to log in or need your password reset, contact Shawna Leeper or Linda Fisk, and they will send the information in the interoffice mail. They are prohibited from emailing or giving this information out over the phone.

If your address is incorrect, please click on SISFin to submit personal information changes, and also go to Blue Enroll to submit change for health insurance.

If your taxes need to be changed, please email Shawna or Linda and they will send the forms.

Benefits are not deductions on your statement, but they will show on the stub, as it does effect retirement. Anything the Board pays is subject to retirement.

NOTE: always verify your leave information in SISFIN and AESOP, then notify Shawna & Linda with any errors in SISFin, and notify Teresa Stocking for AESOP discrepancies.

To print a pay stub, go to View Pay History, it will ask for a password--this is the last 4 digits of your social security number.

If banking changes are needed, this is due by the 1st day of each month. Payroll (Shawna & Linda) will need a voided check and a district form for the direct deposit.

Coaches' Corner: Connection and Unite Activities for Older Students

Unite activities mean all students doing the same thing at the same time, so reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and/or a school pledge is a unite activity. To transition into the Brain Smart Start, follow the pledge with a connection activity. A great option for older students is a hand clapping game.

"Double Double" is a really quick hand clapping game that is appropriate for older students. Boom Snap Clap is a fun hand clapping game as well.

To complete the BrainSmart start, finish out with deep belly breathing that includes making a commitment.

Don’t forget to check out the BSD Instructional Coach Facebook page for other ideas and to see all the great things happening around the district, like Barry Soltz’s Brain Smart Start or Michael Kober showing off his student selected science projects.

Know someone who can work before/after school? SAC needs assistants AND assistance!

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Quarters for a Cause

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Cass County Quarters for a Cause event tonight -- all proceeds come back to teachers in the area! Teachers who attend are encouraged to bring their children to play games, enter for chances at prizes, and more.
Take a look: Quarters for a Cause

Facility Use: How to view calendars from your Request Portal

Log in via the Staff tab, and click School Dude.

· Go to your ‘My Request’ Tab.

· Scroll over Shortcuts and select My Schedule Requests.

· Now scroll over Related Links and select the Calendar you wish to see.

o Note: You will need to apply filters before being able to view the calendar – Select a Location (or Organization Wide) and click Refresh Calendar.

Questions? Contact Jacqui Vernon.

A Dash of Conscious Discipline -- from Betsy Warren, BOSCO Mental Health Professional

A School Family provides students with a sense of safety and connection. It develops a positive school climate that promotes optimal emotional development for students and staff. Creating a School Family within your classroom is as easy as naming your family, creating family agreements, and posting a family sign for all to see. Another important step in creating your family is to assign classroom jobs. Every student must have a job to feel the importance of contributing to their school family. School families are for all ages, not just elementary classrooms. BOSCO's high school students created their School Family, El Guapo's Amigos, and have their sign for all to see. Have fun with it and get creative!

As always, I wish you well.

Literacy Workshop

A great opportunity for discussion of ways to engage and inspire your students & school community to make literacy a cornerstone in your school culture! It is sponsored by the Missouri State Teachers' Foundation and Scholastic Book Fairs.

Link to more information: Literacy Workshop

Jaime Patton Memorial Fund

Donations will continue to be collected through October 1st. We will also have a basket at the Celebration of Life this Thursday with envelopes for donations.

If you missed the email last Friday, here's the information about the Celebration of Life.

Live Well Update -- Abby Carter, Wellness Coordinator

Meet your Health Champions!

Thank you to these 12 superstars who are here to motivate, encourage, and share Live Well information with you all year long -- get to know them here: Live Well Committee

Spooky USA: Walking & Activity Challenge

Register on Walker Tracker for our next activity challenge, which starts October 10th. Stay tuned for prize information. For questions on how to sign up for the challenge, please contact your building Health Champion. For technical support regarding Walker Tracker, please contact Walker Tracker support at

Registration Deadline: October 6th

Walking Challenge: October 10th – November 6th

Goal: 10,000 Steps/day (activities count too!)

Helpful links: general information how to register user guides

All of the details: Spooky USA

BHS Alums...Letter Jacket Day!

If you are a BHS alumni, dig through your memorabilia and get out your letter jacket! We're having an alumni day on Friday, October 14th.
For those of us who didn't have the privilege of being Pirates in our youth, you're encouraged to get out your letter jackets and don them for the day, too. Be sure to get photos and send them my way!

And, if you're like me and didn't order one, you can pin your letters on a shirt and pretend. You may end up learning something new about another Pirate -- just like Kelly Vaughn & I learning we were both JF Kennedy Cougars from Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

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7 Mindsets: Increase Your Productivity

Jeff Waller: I often say to myself, “I have 24 hours in a day just like everyone else.” It is the same twenty-four hours that Albert Einstein, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, and Maya Angelou had. Martin Luther King, Jr., died when he was thirty-nine. I have already had more time than him.

So how did these people I admire overcome the physical reality of time to accomplish so much and have such a positive impact on the lives of others?

Read the full post here, which has 8 time-tested strategies for increasing productivity and output in your life.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra Ticket Information

Get some baked goods in yer belly!

#Proud2BPirates Prize Patrol

Congrats to Amy Huff at Kentucky Trail. She is our next #Proud2BPirates prize winner -- saw she has our hashtag in her email signature in a message she sent about using Smore for newsletters. A prize is on the way!

Remember, if you aren't sure how to edit your email signature, reach out to me and I can help.

Flyer Design Request Form

Don't forget -- McConnell is happy to create flyers for your upcoming events. Here's a link to the form to gather the information needed to help your event get noticed!

Flyer Design Request