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May 2021

Pleasanton Primary Mission Statement

The Primary family is devoted to educating and inspiring all students academically, socially, and emotionally by giving our love and instilling integrity. We will model the importance of family, faith, and wisdom with our leaders of tomorrow.

Pleasanton Primary Vision Statement

The vision of Pleasanton Primary School is to equip and empower a community of lifelong learners with the foundation to lead and succeed in our rapidly changing world.

May Students of the Month

Family Night at Home

Below are the links to all of the recent Family Nights at Home. Please enjoy the videos and activities, snap a picture and send it to your teacher.
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Registration Round Up- May 18th and 19th

Important information for registration

When registering your NEW student for PK, Kindergarten or 1st, please make sure to bring the following information. Also, when completing the online registration, please use the Firefox/Mozilla browser. The link for registration will be available on the Pleasanton Primary website.

-Parent/Guardian ID-must be valid

-Proof of income-one month worth of paystubs for everyone in the household, Food Stamp Eligibility letter- PK students only

-Proof of Residence-entire utility bill (water, electric, gas), lease agreement, rent receipt and must have a physical address on the bill. If a student/students lives with other relatives, an affidavit will need to be completed. This can be done during registration but will require the relative to be present and a copy of the homeowners bill and ID.

-Childs Social Security card- if you do not have a SS card visit Application for Social Security Card (

-Certified Birth Certificate- To order online, or find more information on where to go locally visit Requirements for Online Orders (

-Shot Records- Call your child's doctor for a copy.

-Legal Information- DFPS paperwork, court orders, Power of Attorney papers, Guardianship paperwork, etc. (if applicable)

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Elementary Tour

May 27th , our first grade students will have the opportunity to visit the Elementary campus for a tour. The students will walk over with their class and staff to visit the campus, see a classroom and meet some of the teachers. Parents are not allowed on the tour due to COVID restrictions.

Counseling Corner with Mrs. Andrada


Today’s children have grown up with a vast array of electronic devices at their fingertips. They can't imagine a world without smartphones, tablets, and the internet.

The advances in technology mean today's parents are the first generation who have to figure out how to limit screen time for children. While digital devices can provide endless hours of entertainment and they can offer educational content, unlimited screen time can be harmful.

Whether you keep the TV on all the time or the whole family sits around staring at their smartphones, too screen time could be harmful. Here's what some of the research says:

· Obesity: Too much time engaging in sedentary activity, such as watching TV and playing video games, can be a risk factor for becoming overweight.

· Sleep problems: Although many parents use TV to wind down before bed, screen time before bed can backfire. The light emitted from screens interferes with the sleep cycle in the brain and can lead to insomnia. · Behavior problems: Elementary school-age children who watch TV or use a computer more than two hours per day are more likely to have emotional, social, and attention problems.

· Educational problems: Elementary school-age children who have televisions in their bedrooms do worse on academic testing.

· Violence: Exposure to violent TV shows, movies, music, and video games can cause children to become desensitized to it. Eventually, they may use violence to solve problems and may imitate what they see on TV, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

· Establishing Family Rules With Electronics

Telling your child to turn off his video games while you're sitting in front of the TV won't do anyone any good. It's important for you to set healthy limits on your electronics use for your own sake, as well as your child's sake.

Here are a few household rules you might want to establish to curb screen time:

o No digital devices during family meals.

o No screen time in the car.

o No screens allowed in bedrooms.

o No electronics use during family fun nights.

In addition, consider an occasional digital detox for the whole family. Create a screen-free night once a week or commit to unplugging one weekend a month. It could be good for everyone's physical and emotional health, as well as your family's relationships.

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Lunch and Learn Trainings

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Fantastic Fridays

When your child attends school Monday through Thursday with no absences, they earn a privilege on the Friday of that particular week. We refer to this as Fantastic Fridays (FF) on the monthly calendar.

May 7- College shirt

May 14- Use a pen

May 21- Favorite Sports Team shirt

May 28- Crazy hair

Important Dates to Remember

May 3rd-7th- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 5th- Bilingual Family Night and ECH/Special Education Family Night

May 7th- Lunch Lady Hero Day

May 9th- Mother's Day

May 11th- BCFS Transition Meeting

May 12th-National Nurses Day

May 13th- BCFS Parent Meeting via Facebook

May 18th- Primary New Student Registration

May 19th- Primary New Student Registration

May 21st- Progress Reports go home

May 21st- 1st Grade and GT Play sent out to parents

May 26th- All Library books to be returned by today.

May 31st- Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL

June 9th- last day of school

Look at our students shine!

Positive Words for a PISD Staff Member

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We are the Eagles!

The soaring, soaring Eagles!

From Pleasanton Primary School!

We are Safe,

We are Obedient,

We are Accountable,

We are Respectful!

S-O-A-R --S-O-A-R-- S-O-A-R --SOAR!

Amazing Primary Team!

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