...Is Media Literacy

Media Literacy

Media is almost everywhere and is a way to broadcast something to a large group of people. It is a way to get a company’s points across, advertise a product, or make somebody aware of a something. It can stretch from a billboard on the side of the highway all the way to watching television and seeing a Geico ad for insurance. Media Literacy is how you take in that information and how you perceive it. If you understand the meaning behind a confusing video or article, that would mean you are becoming or already are media literate because of the fact you can actually understand what you are seeing. Media literacy would help you decide if something was a scam, if you were misinformed, or understand the thought process of the media creator. You begin understanding commercials true meanings once you gain experience on media literacy by seeing ads and possibly experience them yourself. Everybody understands things in different ways and for some people it may take a little more time to become media literate but once you start comprehending media, you’ll begin to notice things like bias, persuasion techniques, what the creator wanted you to do, and how they are persuading you to do something. Since the twenty-first century is so based around technology and the newest gadgets, advertising has become harder and harder to avoid, but with your media literacy knowledge you can figure out when something is not your cup of tea or a waste of time. Everyone is becoming so media literate that companies will have to step up their game!