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Fall + Support + Sign Up = FABULOUS!

Well the Fall season is fast approaching (arriving early in some areas!) and I couldn't be more excited! It's one of my favorite times of year and we have some incredibly exciting and meaningful things going on here at Stella & Dot :) If you haven't checked out the new collection yet, put down the newsletter and get over to the website and look! It's GORGEOUS - I would not steer you wrong! Today launched our Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique ... and it's worth a look! Not only are we supporting an amazing cause, but we can look cute while we do! See below for more details!! September has brought along a GREAT stylist sign up special .... so now.is.the.time -- I'm not even kidding!! Check it out!! :)

Breast Cancer Awareness + A little extra...

Today (September 17th) we launched our Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique with two fabulously gorgeous new bracelets and our always beautiful Hope necklace. Proceeds from the sale of these pieces go to the Noreen Fraser Foundation. This cause is so near and dear to my heart, not only as a woman, but because it has hit home for my family more than once. It is because of this that I have set a goal to have 100 bracelets sold by Halloween! WHEN I reach this goal, I am going to make a $500 donation in honor of all of us women to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (spreading the love). The statistic shown below, honestly, scares the crap out of me... Lets get together and put a stop to this awful disease! "Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

Shop online at: www.stelladot.com/ts/g6h16

Stella & Dot Foundation - Every Mother Counts

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The partnership between the Stella & Dot Foundation and Every Mother Counts continues - this bracelet sold like hot cakes and will be back in stock next week!! Every Mother Counts is "dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother." Some scary statistics -- Every 2 minutes, a woman dies during childbirth -- 98% (!!!) of those deaths are preventable. We're not just talking about underdeveloped countries -- 2 women die EVERY DAY in the U.S.! 100% of net proceeds from this bracelet are donated to Every Mother Counts. Below is a graphic showing the impact of each purchase --
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Stylist Sign Up Special - SEPTEMBER ONLY!!!

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Have you thought about potentially joining Stella & Dot as a stylist?! Had a fleeting thought about it, but then figured... 'nah, maybe later'?? Well it's later and NOW. IS. THE. TIME. I'm not kidding... this is serious! We are heading into our busiest time of year - HOLIDAY (believe it or not!)!! Why not join now, take advantage of this amazing sign-up special (Hello, Extra $100 in FREE product!!!) and rock the rest of your year! Earn some extra cash for all those gifts you have been eyeing or take that trip you have been putting off! YOU CAN DO IT & you will NOT regret this decision! :)


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So, with all of this beautiful new product I just had to get -- I've run out of room in my display! Such a tough problem to have ;) Lucky for you, I am selling some of my samples at 50% off to make room! Sample Sale is still on... if you liked a piece you saw last month, contact me to see if it's still available! First come, First dibs!

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