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The purpose of this weekly newsletter is to provide professional development,

support, resources, information, connections and best practices to foster adult

learning and student achievement. You will find offerings from

Instructional Support Services, Distance Learning and Model Schools Teams.

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Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness

Zoom Date: October 20th, 2020 4:00-5:00pm

Trauma sensitive mindfulness means we have a thorough understanding of trauma and mindfulness. Bringing these concepts together at the classroom or personal practice level involves understanding how these concepts can complement or conflict with one another depending on application. Join me at this introductory level session to explore ways to make mindfulness work for all populations. We will begin and end the session with example experiential mindfulness practices that embody trauma sensitive mindfulness.

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Article Study: Adapting Reading Comprehension Instruction to Virtual Learning

Zoom Date: October 20th, 2020 8:10-8:30 am

In distance learning, teachers can adapt many of the strategies they would use in the classroom to promote reading skills. Join me in this 20 minute session where we will read a brief article and discuss how this may impact our instructional process. You must have access to the internet as the article will be shared through the Zoom chat and your microphone.

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SEL Signature Practices: Welcoming Rituals 101

Zoom Date: October 21st, 2020 3:00-4:00 pm

The SEL Signature Practices from CASEL offer a simplistic structure that builds autonomy, belonging, and competence. A welcoming ritual is the first element that creates a climate of inclusion, belonging, and connection where all voices are heard through personal choice. This mini Zoom session offers "take home" activities for you to use immediately with students or any aged audience. Participants will engage in welcoming ritual activities, learn how to modify for virtual or in-person learning, and adapt for developmental needs. All participants will have a copy of the slide deck to adapt to their needs.

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Mid-Week Mindfulness

Each time I ask educators what emotion is most present, the most common answers are "overwhelmed" and "anxious". I then think of Parker Palmer's words - "We teach who we are" and know that now more than ever, we must build into our schedule the habit of mindfulness and self-care. Our ability to maintain steady ground, presence, and calm in the face of uncertainty will have significant impact on our students and be a strong factor in keeping burnout at bay for ourselves. This weekly offering will focus on creating space for sharing together, building community and engaging in mindfulness practices that will sometimes be guided and sometimes be simple moments of silence and then dialogue. Register for October 21st.

See other dates and registration links in MyLearningPlan

Strategies to Support SEL, Classroom Management, & Engagement in an Online Environment

Zoom Date: October 22nd, 2020 3:00-4:40 pm

We will explore ways to support social emotional learning in an online environment, while establishing/maintaining positive classroom manage and engaging students academically. Participants will leave with strategies and activities to immediately use with online classroom settings.

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SEL Leaders Network Fall Meetings

The mindset and skills of SEL are needed now more than ever as we navigate our current world in our own lives and as we educate and support our students, colleagues and our community. This group continues to learn and grow in our efforts to foster SEL and mindfulness practices in our schools and classrooms through modeling of practices in our meetings, sharing of strategies and resources, and exploring a deeper understanding of our own lives in service of others. Join Kate and Liane for these collaborative conversations!

Meeting Dates (all meetings scheduled for 3:45 - 5:00 PM):

  • October 15th
  • November 9th
  • December 10th

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Article Study: How to Maslow Before Bloom, All Day Long

Zoom Date: 10/28/2020 8:00-8:30 am

Child psychiatrist Pamela Cantor told Edutopia in 2019 that "when we're able to combine social, emotional, affective, and cognitive development together, we are creating many, many more interconnections in the developing brain that enable children to accelerate learning and development.” Making time to integrate social and emotional learning into academics, in other words, is a better way for schools to achieve their goals than a focus on academics alone. Join me in this 20 minute session where we will read a brief article and discuss how this may impact our instructional process. You must have access to the internet as the article will be shared through the Zoom chat and your microphone.

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Mindful Educator Fall Network Meetings

As the role of mindfulness in our classrooms and our lives grows ever more necessary, being in community with other educators practicing and implementing mindfulness offers important support and inspiration. This group meets monthly to experience practices together as well as share strategies for implementation with students whether in person or virtual. Join us!

Upcoming Dates:

  • 11/18
  • 12/16

Meetings are scheduled 3:30 - 4:30 PM

Dignity for All Students Act: Required Training for Certification/Licensure - In Person

November 18 8:30am-3:30pm

Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act or DASA) Workshop: Six hour training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention. New York State's Dignity Act seeks to provide the State's public elementary and secondary school students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment, and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function. School professionals applying for certification or license on or after DECEMBER 31, 2013 are required to complete six clock hours of course work or training in this area. This training is designed to fulfill that requirement. Tuition is $75.00 for employees of districts which subscribe to the Oswego BOCES School Improvement Co-Ser. Tuition is $100.00 for all other attendees. If you are self-paying, please mail a Money Order or Bank Check made out to CiTi Treasurer. NO CASH please. Send to: CiTi BOCES Attention: Staci Silliman 179 County Route 64 Mexico NY 13114 All registered participants will receive an email with the Zoom link the mornings of the training. This email will be delivered to the email address associated with your MLP account. This workshop will take place over the course of two sessions, three hours in length. Full attendance to both sessions is necessary for DASA requirements.


Online Instructional Resources - Recorded Webinars

Including but not limitied to: Google Classsroom, G-Suite, Zoom, EdPuzzle, Book Creator and more!

Instructional Resources

CKLA Knowledge Strand Read Aloud Videos K-2

Do you implement CKLA for Tier 1 instruction? Amplify has narrated the Read Aloud Anthology for Grades K-2 and put them into video format using the Flip Book Images. These videos can be a helpful resource for virtual instruction. Click the link to a padlet that organizes the videos by grade level. Embed the video links directly into your virtual learning platform.

Listen & Read- Audiobooks

The 'BITS English Language Learning' website was created to help students improve their listening and reading comprehension of the English language.
'BITS English Language Learning' is not just for ELL students. Use these audiobooks to provide pre-reading opportunities and support for struggling readers. Looking for audio of a full-length novel? Novellas? Short stories? Classic literature? This comprehensive website has an abundance of titles. Embed the link to the audio version of the novel you are reading in class to your virtual platform.

Virtual Teaching Techniques for Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary is “...the bridge between word-level processes and the cognitive processes of comprehension." (Hiebert & Kamil, 2005) How do you teach vocabulary instruction effectively? Direct, explicit instruction. Lesson plans should include language-rich opportunities for both teacher talk and student talk, visual representations, and frequent repetition and practice. Click here to access vocabulary instruction techniques, from AIM Institute for Learning and Research, that can be used for traditional instruction and virtual.

Your Daily Break: Archived Newsletters to Support Your SEL Needs

Liane Benedict and Kate Ginney offer a bi-weekly newsletter to bring you the latest mindfulness-based SEL activities and strategies K-12. Check out our archived newsletters and be sure to subscribe to our free virtual resource! Liane and Kate are here to support your learning environment's SEL needs--we're just an email away.

The Science of Reading- Recorded Webinar Series for Paraprofessionals

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As we are searching for virtual enrichment opportunities it is often difficult to determine if a program will be the right fit for our students without seeing it first. Luckily for us, Academic Entertainment has put together a showcase of some of their top productions for our viewing pleasure to help us all find the right program for our needs. The showcase is free and open to all educators, you will just need to register on their website.

Registration is NOW OPEN for Academic Entertainment’s Virtual School Assembly Showcase on Thursday, October 15! Please follow this link to register for the event.

The free, online live event will be held on Thursday, October 15 across multiple time zones. The event will be live online, featuring fantastic school assembly presenters simultaneously at:

Here is the presentation lineup so that you may pick and choose which programs you wish to preview the most, based on your schedule.

• 10:05am Pacific/12:05pm Central/1:05pm Eastern – Virtual Music Technology
• 1:15pm Eastern – Virtual Corey The Dribbler
• 1:25pm Eastern – Brian Richards Virtual Magic
• 1:35pm Eastern – Doug Scheer Virtual Assemblies
• 11:45pm Eastern – The Virtual Game Show
• 1:55am Eastern – Virtual Zonda Dance
• 2:05pm Eastern – Virtual Diversity of Dance
• 2:15pm Eastern – Virtual Tales From A Bicycle Seat
• 2:25pm Eastern – The Virtual Poet – Darren Sardelli
• 2:35pm Eastern – The Virtual Physics Experience
• 2:45pm Eastern – Virtual Violin Rocks!
• 2:55pm Eastern – The Virtual Paper Airplane Guy
• 3:05pm Eastern – Dare to Draw w/ Mark Kistler
• 3:15pm Eastern – Youth Mover Brandon Lee White

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We have partnered with DCMO BOCES to continue growing our list of virtual opportunities for this school year. Like all of you, our artists are working hard to modify and adapt to the changing learning environment and are continuously adding new enrichment opportunities that can now be enjoyed virtually. We currently have over 80 high-quality virtual opportunities for students and schools to enjoy with more being added daily. If you have any questions regarding a specific program please feel free to reach out to

The Instructional Support Services Team

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