Pivot to Virtual Learning

Monday, December 14, 2020

What you need to know about Monday

All teachers will have assignments posted to the Google Classroom that they teach by 8:30am. Have your student log in and do the assignment for the day and then move to another class and repeat. It should be an engaging way for your student to be productive on our new way to do snow days! Please remember that we get to count this as a school day and we will NOT have to extend the school year to work in the missed time!

All your child needs to do is log into their Google account on their Chromebook with their @g.fayar.net account and direct their Chrome browser to Google Classroom. The assignment will be there.

It appears that the sun will be out and in the lower 40's tomorrow so we should be in great shape to come back on Tuesday! Please stay safe and warm on our Virtual Learning Day!

Please look at the Five Days of Folly graphic below which has been CHANGED and ADJUSTED

Big picture