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Norfolk Jour High

by abraham rosales

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Nursery rhyme The fish story

There once was a fisherman that got bit by a fish. The fisherman heard his fishing pole and he got up and reeled it in. When he rolled it in, it was the biggest fish he ever saw. His boat was about to sink because of the fish, he thought in his head. The fisherman was still tired because it was 5:34 AM.He was so tired that he could hardly see anything, then he tripped over the fish. The fisherman held the fish in his arms trying to get the hook out of its mouth, then his finger began to bleed. He looked down and saw that the fish bit his finger. He started to jump up and down and screaming, "It hurts, it hurts." The fisherman stop when he realized that the fish was missing. He started looking everywhere for the fish in his boat. Then he remembered that the fish was on his lap. When he started jumping, the fish must've escaped. He went home sad. To that day, he could have been a millionaire, if he showed the people, they would have paid him lots of money to see that big fish.

feature story

After the shooting in Paris, people started to walk around Paris. They were saying Charlie, a police officer, was shot at the shooting. Over 3.7 million were walking, and it was the most ever to walk. Forty world leaders attended the walk, but people were wondering why didn’t the U.S go to the walk.They still walked at night, when it was all dark. There were some cops that were targeted to be killed. A Muslim woman said that we are not a threat or terrorist, that the people were just mad.

movie review

the Dawn of the Planets of Apes is a good movie with action and more than that the humans need water, so they can use the electity, but the apes are blocking the enterance to the dam with the water. Caesar lets the humans use the water and some of the apes get mad at Caesar. His second in command, Koba tells Caesar that he loves man more than apes. Caesar hits him, then Koba gets mad and took a gun from the human and shoots Caesar. Caesar falls down the hill and blamed it on the human. Koba tells the apes that a human killed Caesar. Then the apes go into war with the humans. Is Caesar actually dead or is he still alive? Watch the movie to find out.

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