Can you say corny?

Bailey Gage

How its made....

Corn syrup is produced in processing plants known as wet corn mills. In addition to corn syrup, these mills produce many other corn products including corn oil, corn starch, dextrose, soap stock, animal feed, and several chemicals used in other industrial processes.

Fact or Fake???

You’ve probably seen the negative headlines about high fructose corn syrup. Have you ever wondered if the media hype is true

Myth: Sugar is healthier than high fructose corn syrup.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup is to blame for obesity and diabetes.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup is not natural.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup is sweeter than sugar.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup is high in fructose.

Myth: Studies conducted with pure fructose can be applied to high fructose corn syrup.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup is metabolized differently and blocks the body’s ability to know when it is full.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup contains DNA from genetically modified corn.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup is banned in the European Union.

Myth: High fructose corn syrup is subsidized.

Corny and ya didn't even know it!!!

Corn syrup is mostly known for being in pop! But its also in....

1. Juice cocktails

If a juice drink is not made with 100 percent juice, it generally contains a large amount of HFCS, along with other artificial and natural ingredients and flavors. Some examples include: Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Capri-Sun Juices, and Tropicana OrangeAde.

2. Soda

Believe it or not, even sodas containing some juice have HFCS. This includes Orangina, a seemingly healthy soda.

3. Breakfast Cereal

Even seemingly healthy breakfast cereals contain HFCS. For instance: Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch, Special K, and Smart Start Healthy Heart.

4. Yogurt

Once again, seemingly healthy foods like yogurt often contain HFCS. Often, it is found in those that contain “fruit” and other sweetened varieties, such as Dannon and Yoplait.

5. Salad Dressings

Believe it or not, HFCS is often added into seemingly un-sweet items like salad dressings.

6. Breads and Baked Goods

Wonderbread, as well as other “healthier” bread products, such as Pepperidge Farm’s line of 100 percent whole grain breads and Sara Lee Heart Healthy Whole Grain Bread are guilty of HFCS use. This is a classic case of ‘HFCS hiding behind whole grain marketing’

7. Candy and Candy Bars

Many name brand candy, such as Hershey’s Watchamacallet, and Lifesavers contain HFCS.

8. Nutrition Bars

Don’t let the word “nutritional" fool you. Many nutrition bars, such as Power Bars, Balance Bars and Zone Perfect Bars contain HFCS.