how to be a veterinarian?

The first step for all veterinarian is to go to college and get your bachelor's degree, which usually takes 4 years. They study biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition, and animal science. They also need to take math and English classes. Many people also get experience by working at animal hospitals or shelters.

What is the job like?

if you like animals and science you should be a veterinarian, they take care of sick or injured animals . They also give X- rays, blood test, and look for what type for illness the animal has.
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How much do they pay ?

Veterinarians get paid $98,120 a year or 47.17/hr a day.

What are the rewards of being a veterinarian?

Getting to save an animals life and see the positive outlook in the owners and in the animal. You also feel great when you made a good difference in animals life.