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Camey Elementary - January

Procedures, Procedures, Procedures!

Struggling readers/writers benefit from following set writing, spelling, and reading procedures. Here are some procedures we learn and practice during Language Science. Students must master the lesson with procedures before moving on to the next lesson.


Name each letter before writing it.


1. Teacher reads word.

2. Student repeats word.

3. Student orally divides word into sounds. (We eventually discontinue this step unless needed.)

3. Student orally spells.

4. Student writes word.


Teach procedures for decoding unfamiliar words then allow students to verbalize these when they are stuck on a word.

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RTI Resources

Resources and more resources - Keep checking back to the LISD RtI Reference Page to get the most recent information. It is being updated constantly. Teachers can also access this page in Eduphoria->Forethought->Scope and Sequence->LISD RtI Reference Page or through the link.
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