Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance

By: Aileen Santiago

History of Dance

Have you ever gotten up and danced to you favorite song at a party, your bedroom, or even your bathroom? Dancing can be tons of fun! Back in the day, people used to dance for celebrations (like we do today), rituals, and entertainments. One of the earliest hip-hop dances is called roboting. Some people might still be doing it today, but not frequently. Here is an image of Taylor Swift doing the robot.
Big image

Hip-Hop Dance Today

Today, we have different kids of dance moves. For instance the dab, nae-nae, the drop, the quan, whip, and the hit the folks. These are very popular today, but old hip-hop dance moves are still used today like the robot. Here are some images of the dance moves I just mentioned.
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Now it's your time to get up and show your dance moves! Here is a song that you guys can dance to. You all not might like it, but dance to it anyway. That's the fun part!
Bobby Brown - Every Little Step