To Help Those Who Need Help to Survive

Who we are?

Every day, Caritas Australia and our local partners are supporting people in need around the world. We are assisting them to break free from the cycle of poverty, regardless of their ethnicity, political beliefs, gender or religion.

How You can Help!

All you have to do is donate some money and you will be helping many kids that are living their life with nothing! These are some things that your money can do:

  • $2 could provide Indigenous plants to regenerate 10 square metres of deforested community land in Bolivia.
  • $10 could supply jerry cans for two families affected by natural disaster in Samoa
  • $50 could engage an Indigenous person in 5-day community tourism training in Bolivia
  • $100 could provide a bicycle for a field worker working with the disabled in Bangladesh
  • $200 could provide training packs for 10 ‘street boys’ to learn organic farming in Papua New Guinea