Ask, Listen, Respect: Rape Must End

By: Eashana

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Stop Rape today

Who, What, Where, and When:

What is rape:

-Sexual assault or forced sex that causes physical and emotional pain.

Who is effected:

-1/8 woman have been raped.

-40% of rape victims are 8-12 year old.

Where does ape Happen:

- Rape is a growing world wide problem and happens every where.

When Does Rape Happen:

- Every 3 minutes, someone is raped around the world.

This Must End

If rape doesnt end now, woman will be disrespected and put down forever. Ending rape could mean giving equality to our future.

Rape Statistics Graphs

You Can Help

You can contribute to this cause by donating to this orgainization:

If you have been a rape victom call this hotline for emotional support:


Rape Prevention PSA TV Commercial


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