All About Wind

By: Samantha Reese

What is wind?

Wind is the movement of air from the high pressure region north and south of the tropics rushing to balance the low pressure region created by air rising from the tropics. Wind is caused by the unequal heating of earths surface.
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Local Winds

  1. Local winds are winds that blow over short distances.
  2. They are created by convection currents on a small scale.
  3. 2 different examples of local wind are sea and land breezes.
  4. Sea breezes are winds that happen in the day.
  5. Sea breezes make the air over the water cooler than the air over the land.
  6. Land breezes occur during the night.
  7. Land breezes make the air over the land cooler than the air over the water.
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Global Winds

  1. Global winds are winds that blow over long distances.
  2. Global winds occur when heated air near the equator rises and moves towards earths pole, while cooled air at the poles falls and moves toward the equator.
  3. Global winds are also caused by convection currents an a large scale.
  4. Doldrums- This is a type of global winds they are on the equator near the Atlantic ocean and they calm storms.
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Trade Winds

Winds that blow from 30 degrees almost to the equator.
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Prevailing Westerlies

  1. Wind belts that from 30 to 60 degrees latitude.
  2. The flow towards the poles carrying moist air to the United States.
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Jet Streams

  1. The jet streams are narrow belts of high speed winds.
  2. They blow in the upper troposphere and the lower stratosphere.
  3. They separate warm air from cold air.
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