Lenni Lenape

Delaware Indians

About The Lenni Lenape

The Lenni Lenape are a Native American tribe Also Known as the Delaware Indians. A large group of them were massacred by American soldiers in 1782,in a small Christian Delaware town called Gnadenhutten. Survivors of the massacre settled on the Thames River in Moraviantown, Canada .The language they spoke was one that belonged to the Algonquian. They were divided in many groups with their own villages and hunting areas. Usually the men were hunters and the women were farmers and gatherers. The Delaware lived about 10,000 years ago and are still alive today. The original homes of the Delaware Indian nation are New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Currently their home state is Oklahoma. The Author Of the Light in the Forest might have Chosen this tribe because of their courage, they survived a Massacre of great magnitude and kept going , living there lives as they had before remembering there lost loved ones and there old ways. The Delaware signed the first Treaty with the United States in 1778.


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