Come join the Athenians! We are the BEST!


The Athenian government was a democracy, which means the people in their city-state get to decide how the government runs. A group called the Assembly makes the laws for their city-state. The Council of 500 is a group where any citizen poor or rich can join, but there is a certain number of people that can join (500) . Last there is the 10 experienced generals who lead Greece. They judge in court and command the army and navy.
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What do we value ?

Some of the things the Athenians value are their temples they are responsible for everything about it, if it gets damaged they have to repair it, and they have to protect and defend it. They value their olive trees because it was given to them in the famous war between Athena and Poseidon. They also like art and learning.


Boys here have to be home schooled until they are six years old, and they attend school until they are fourteen. Then if they still want to go to school after that they have the option to go for four more years. Also boys are trained to play sports. The Athenians also created the Olympics.


The Athenians believed in the Greek Gods but the most important one to them is Athena the goddess of wisdom. Where do you think the name Athens came from ?