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The Little Mermaid Scuttle Scene HD

Ariel goes to Scuttle to find out what some objects are. We can see that Scuttle has no clue what he is talking about but is inferring on what he believes the objects to be.


Tangled - Mother Knows Best (HD)
We see disconfirming behavior when Rapunzel’s mother doesn’t want to listen to her. She is telling Rapunzel that she needs to stay in the tower. Every time she tries to speak her mom continues talking and does not want to hear what she says.


Run Away Simba
Here we see Scar making Simba believe that he was responsible for the death of his father. Scar deceives Simba by making him believe this. He tells him he needs to run away that way no one will know.

Physical Effects Caused by Emotions

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1. Insomnia - the inability to sleep at night can be caused by large amounts of stress.

2. Sweating - this is a common reaction to people that are feeling nervous.

3. Headaches - stress commonly causes headaches and even migraines in certain individuals.

4. Increased Heart Rate- Common symptom of those who are angry

5. Crying- Associated with sadness, helplessness, anxiety, and happiness

6. Loss of appetite- Can be caused by anxiety and worrying

7. Acne and eczema- Direct result of stress

8. Dizziness and fainting- Another symptom of anxiety

Emotionally Tone Deaf

Beauty and the Beast - Gaston's Proposal (English)
This video of Gaston proposing to Belle from the movie Beauty and the Beast is a great example of someone that is emotionally tone deaf. It is very obvious that Belle is not interested in Gaston because of her obvious body language and facial expressions indicating her emotions, however Gaston's huge ego makes him emotionally tone deaf to what she really feels.

Using Emotions Strategically

(FROZEN) - hans betrayal to anna
Here is a scene of Princess Anna being emotionally manipulated by Hans. He knows she is gullible and in a vulnerable state right now, so he uses her emotions to take advantage of her. Anna is young and desperate for love, and since Hans knows this, it becomes easy for him to use this to his advantage.

Emotional Ineptitude

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Graciously Accepting Compliments

The Princess and the Frog - diner scene.wmv
Here we see Tiana accepting the compliments of Big Daddy and Charlotte on her award winning bingets.

Backhanded Compliment

Pinocchio and Stromboli
Here we see Stomboli complimenting Pinocchio on his acting. In reality though he is terrible and people are laughing at Pinocchio not with him. This is a backhanded compliment in the fact that he doesn't mean it and is just using him.

Oversharing on Facebook

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Here we see the Disney Princesses take commenting a little too far in that they are becoming too personal on social media.