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Learning Menus

Learning menus are a great way to offer choice in student learning. They allow students to pick their learning activities by interest and learning style. Here is a Tic Tac Toe learning menu template Google Doc. To learn more about learning menus or choice boards, check out Kasey Bell's blog post on them.

May Digital Citizenship Theme

May's Digital Citizenship lesson theme is Self-Image & Self-Identity. As the year feels like it is rapidly coming to a close, please make sure you have completed all digital citizenship lessons for your grade level by the end of the year. Most lessons have printable lesson plans and some have a video or online resource in addition. I am happy to help access any needed materials. Link to Digital Citizenship Lessons by Theme Doc.
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Summer Professional Growth Classes

Check out District 64's summer professional growth workshops. If you're interested in taking a course, make sure to register by this Friday.

*I will be teaching Using iPads to Promote the 4C's on the morning of Wednesday, August 10th. Sign up if you'd like to learn more about incorporating 4C's with iPads with some recently added apps like Book Creator & Explain Everything!

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Happy May 4th!

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some images created at (May the Fourth Be With You)