Human Trafficking in India

Indian children are being stolen by human trafficking groups


S - Indian Human Trafficking

O - Many children have been stolen and supposedly trafficked by many different groups

A - Civilians and authority of India

P - Inform

S - Officials and experts are attempting to find the suspected 271 children recently missing children in India.

Tone - Alarming


Illegal Adoption - adoption that is illegal

Mafia - an organized international body of criminals

Prostitution - sexual acts for payment

Sari - a draping garment of southern asia

Trafficking - a trade in something illegal

WOW Statement

Human trafficking suspicions in India have skyrocketed over the last 15 months due to thousands of children going missing. When a child goes missing, they're usually sold into illegal adoption or prostitution usually by organizations like the Mafia.

This current event scares me a little. I would hate for my child or even me to be stolen and never seen again. I hope those families are able to reunite again.