Media Center and Technology Updates

September 2014

Tech Tidbits

The labs are busy places already this year. If you are using the laptop labs, please remember to read through the information in the binder and complete the checklist. There are also going to be some checklists for the C and D labs. Please look for those and complete them as you use them. Remember that there are documents and PPTs on the S drive to help you with various things including Net Ops and Roster Manager.

S:\Instructional\Technology Toolbox.

S:\Instructional\AllTeachers\Computer Labs

Tech Survey

Thanks to everyone that completed the technology survey at the September faculty meeting. I am sharing that information with the administrators so that we can plan for the future. Those of you that said that you are willing to share will be contacted once we get our plan in place.

Media Center Updates

FMS once again won the Summer Reading Trophy from the Public Library. Joe and I attended the HCPL Board meeting on September 18th to pick it up. Congratulations to all of our summer readers.

We have now completed at least the first part of our orientations with all grades. Book selection classes begin the week of September 22nd. Research classes are also in full swing. I am really hoping to work with students on all teams this year, especially in the areas of Academic Integrity (including works cited) and evaluating information. I'm anxious to try out a few new tech tools, too. Even though you may be only using the lab and not the media center for some projects, doesn't mean I can't help you. I've already planned with one teacher for a project their classes will be doing with the laptop lab in the classroom. I can do quick mini lessons/reminders in your classrooms or in the labs, if my schedule allows it.

We are in the process of setting up a makerspace in the media center. This will be a location where kids can create. I have been accumulating a variety of things for this space--looming things, kinetic sand, old technology items that can be used for parts, etc. There are still some things to gather. We are hoping to have it up and running by second quarter. We are still not sure how we are going to run it, so suggestions are welcome.


Every year students ask if they can go out in the media center courtyard, or if anyone uses it. Well, if you've seen the state of it recently, you know it is pretty much unusable. In past years, previous students have done things out there to "beautify" it as part of earning different badges, but nothing has been sustainable. Personally, I would love to see it covered and have the media center expanded into it, with multiple use spaces--tv studio, computer labs, etc. I think we all know that the money is not available for that! So, here is my challenge--

Is there a team that would like to take on this Service Learning Project? Research, devise and (hopefully) implement a plan that would make the media center courtyard a sustainable, usable outdoor classroom. I would happily work with the group to get it started--identify the problems, research solutions, research materials, etc. Joe has already approved the idea. Who is willing to take on this challenge?