All About Me

Learn about me, And the fun and crazy person that i am

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I have a total of 7 siblings 5 sisters and 2 brothers i of course have a mom and dad, Scott Bowles, Katrisha Thomas. Not all of my siblings were in the picture above. MY dad lives in Westminster, CO and we live here so me and my brother don't get see our family in Colorado that much we see them once a year in the summer.


It is very confusing when it comes to hobbies i kind of do everything I love to cook, i enjoy playing video games, hanging out with friends, I would DJ parties over the summer, i would go rock climbing in the mountains in Colorado,i listen to music all types country, Rap, everything except jazz.


I have played a lot of sports i played baseball for a while, and then soccer for the longest time, but recently i played for the Parkville Vikings i was a tight end and defensive end the season i played we went 11-2 we lost to the sharks both times.


After i graduate high school i want to go to a culinary College and have my own restaurant and travel to world learning all about the different cultures and food the world likes to offer i want to go to Australia, China, Japan, Paris, London, the Philippines, and more.