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Physical Therapist

What is a Physical Therapist?

A Physical Therapist is a doctor who helps people with any type of disability learn how to do everyday tasks like everyone else; strenthening the disabled. This job takes patience, strength, and being helpful.  

How do they benefit society?

Physical Therapy is a very common occupation because it is very useful and a fun job. People loose limbs, severely injure a body part, or they may just have a disorder and is not like the rest of us. Physical Therapists help you recover quickly and painlessly. You need to have specific traits such as, being helpful, patient, and a desire to help people who are disabled.

Job Credentials?

Being a Physical Therapist means you need knowledge about your job. You need to have inter personal skills so you can educate your patient about what is going to happen once they heal, how long it will take, and any more information that they need to know. A master's degree and a docterate degree is availible for being a Physical Therapist.

Salary? Projected Job Growth? Companies?

An annual salary for a Physical Therapist is $78,270. The Projected Job Growth of this job is 21% or more! Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, U.S. Army, and any school in need of a Physical Therapist is ready to hire!
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