Discover the new stand-up body/mind method!

Zürich 19-20 Sept 2015

By Physical Therapist and Functional Exercise Developer Jonathan Hoffman (Course in English)

  • Obtain a powerful body/mind tool to optimize your vertical posture, physical performance and body-feel in minutes
  • Human Harmony Training has 30 standing exercises and 9 bed/mat exercises
  • See video clips below

September 19-20, 2015

Pilates Together

Gotthardstrasse 16a

Thalwil 8800




  • This course is open to the general public
  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation practitioners and movement and fitness professionals are welcome
  • Max 20 participants
  • For more details and registration please email

About the method

Human Harmony Training is a new method of body/mind training with a focus on functional standing movements and exercises. The thirty standing exercises and nine bed/mat exercises represent natural and normal movements, which are required to allow harmonious and comfortable functional movement on a regular basis. These exercises are therefore important for every person, whether injured, healthy or a competitive athlete.

Just as dogs stretch on a regular basis after rest and before activity, and concert players tune their musical instruments (and themselves) before a performance, so must people fine tune their vertical movement components on a daily basis, especially after rest and before athletic performance.

After learning the 39 exercises, you will acquire an extremely powerful tool of nature to regain body control in less than 5 minutes.

The exercises are meant to be executed in the natural environment like at home, work or outdoors. As a natural method, there is absolutely no use of weights or any purpose made devices. All that is needed is a waist height structure to lean on like a kitchen counter, wall, window sill, pole, tree stump and a chair for beginners.

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Performing the Human Harmony exercises on a daily basis serves to:

  • Minimize or prevent pain, injuries and diseases
  • Provide an immediate feel-good look-good effect
  • Optimize the postures and balance during functional vertical movements
  • Harmonize the breathing with the movement
  • Allow for an active and healthy lifestyle (together with enjoyable aerobic activity)
  • Enhance self empowerment
  • Naturally improve the energy levels and athletic performance
  • Prevent or delay age related disorders
  • Upgrade the nutritional options due to the physical changes of the body
  • Improve the overall quality of life
  • Reduce the need for pharmaceuticals and medical care

Course goals

  • To understand the general philosophy of the method
  • To recognize the method's sources of inspiration
  • To understand the functional significance of each Human Harmony exercise
  • To learn how to perform (and teach your family, friends or clients) all the 39 exercises - accompanied with elaborate text, figures and video clips

Take home tools

  • A novel 'standing' body mind method, which can be immediately implemented
  • A new personal body feel as a result of performing the novel standing exercises
  • Knowledge and understanding in the historic evolvement and purpose of holistic body/mind training
  • International certification by the developer
  • A prerequisite to become a Harmony Training Master Trainer for your community
  • Participation in the worldwide campaign against inactivity and obesity - the worlds fourth biggest killer

Course content

Day 1


  • Oral discussion: Harmony Training Principles
  • Learn the exercises: The ten BASIC exercises
  • HHT class conducted by Jonathan


  • Oral discussion: The Philosophy and Inspiration Sources of Human Harmony Training
  • Learn the exercises: The ten INTERMEDIATE exercises
  • HHT class conducted by Jonathan

Day 2


  • Oral discussion: The FFF Model
  • Learn the exercises: The ten ADVANCED exercises
  • HHT class conducted by Jonathan


  • Oral discussion: Practicing Harmony Training With Other Exercise Methods
  • Learn the exercises: The ten BED/MAT exercises
  • HHT class conducted by Jonathan
  • Summary and discussion

The ultimate goal - a healthy active lifestyle for everybody

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About the method developer, Jonathan Hoffman

  • Graduated as physical therapist at Tel Aviv University and as a manual physical therapist at Curtin University, Australia
  • Served as the physical therapist of the Israeli basketball, tennis and waterski national teams as well as the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team and top tier Israeli track and field athletes
  • Worked in the public healthcare setting as well as for two decades in private practice, specializing in back pain and sports injuries
  • Also worked as a physical therapist in Hawaii and Ireland
  • Started to invent devices to facilitate functional exercises and treat back pain early in career
  • His most successful invention is the CoreAlign, which was sold to Balanced Body of California
  • Together with Balanced Body, Jonathan trained CoreAlign masters worldwide
  • Currently, CoreAlign exercises are used by tens of thousands of studio clients every day
  • In 2013 Jonathan co-published a scientific article which defines functional movement as a synergy between the stability and mobility movement components thorough-out the body
  • His latest invention is the Fun Machine, a novel ultra-lightweight and portable running/dancing device
  • During the last year and a half Jonathan lived in a small cabana on a Caribbean beach in Belize
  • Over there he was influenced by the simple, natural life, wrote two books, Being Fit and The Bongo Dogs, continued to develop Harmony Training and re-designed the Fun Machine
  • Recently Jonathan has moved back to Tel Aviv

Harmony Training 10 Chains desktop
The 30 standing exercises
The Bed Exercises
The 9 bed/mat exercises