Cell Organelle Analogy

I'd say a cell is like a metal concert

The cytoplasm is like fans at the concert.

The fans are like the cytoplasm because they take up all of the space in the concert. There's barely any spots open without people.
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The nucleus is like the band.

The band is like the nucleus because they can tell the fans to make a mosh pit, wall of death, like the nucleus tells the organelles what to do.
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The ribosomes are like the speakers.

The speakers are like the ribosomes because the speakers create sound for the fans to joyfully listen to, like the ribosomes create protein for the cell.
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The vacuole is like the drink tents.

The drink tents are like the vacuole because they hold the water, like the vacuole holds the waste.
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The cytoskeleton is like the stage.

The stage is like the cytoskeleton because the stage holds up the band and such, like cytoskeleton is the frame work.
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The lysosomes are like the trashcans.

The trashcans are like the lysosomes because it hold the garbage, like the lysosomes hold the waste.
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