Analyzing Duke Orsino

- Trace Medlin

Duke Identity :

His identity in the play is very passionate, he loves the idea of being in love. "Once more, Cesario get thee to quantity of dirty lands; The parts that fortune hath bestowed upon her , tell her, i hold as giddily as fortune; But ' tis that miracle and queen of gems that nature pranks her in attracts my soul " ( ii.v.77-83). This quote explains how much love fore olivia duke has and how strong his feelings are.

Duke Gender In The Play

Dukes gender in the play only comes apparent when he explains how man and women love different. Also when his feelings switch from Olivia to Viola ( cesario ). Cesario is a man tho so he knows the feelings are not right. " Be not amazed. right noble it his blood. If this be so, as yet the glass seems true, i shall have share in this most happy wreck. Boy thou hast said to me a thousand times thou never shouldn't love woman like to me " (V.i,225-259). This quote shows his gender is effected knowing viola is posing as a guy and is scared to tell people he has feelings for a guy.

Duke's Perception

People in the twelfth night see Duke as a rich man who can get a female if desires, but that isn't how he sees himself at all. " To her in haste. Give her this jewel. say my love can give no place, bide no denay" (ii.iv. 120-121). This quote shows how passionate of a person duke is in the play for somebody that he wants.

Similarities/Differences To Me

Similarities- Duke and I are similar because we are not as everyone portrays us to be.

Differences- Duke is a rich man in the play , i am not a rich man... yet. Also he is deeply in love which i have never really felt that emotion yet in my life.

Duke Orsino's Identity in " She's The Man"

In The Movie , Duke Orsino is portrayed as a a cocky handsome athlete.. typical jock. But in reality he isn't like they portray him to be , he is a nice guy that enjoys soccer but is also very shy when it comes to the ladies. He typically doesn't know how to express how he feels. In the movie he uses Sebastian to talk to Olivia even though she is obsessed with Sebastian himself . Duke wanted Sebastian to ask Olivia out for him because he was to scared to do so himself.

Duke's Gender In Shes The Man

Dukes gender wasn't really a factor until he kissed viola and caught feelings. With Sebastian being viola and duke and Sebastian living together, it was an opportunity for viola to here how duke felt about her. after the soccer game viola told duke that she really liked him but duke got confused because he thought it was Sebastian who told him that until he figured out it was actually viola .

Dukes Perception in Shes The Man

In Shes The Man Duke is seen as a handsome athlete who is a ladies man. throughout the movie he expresses feelings for Olivia another popular pretty girl. he expresses his love for her 24/7 throughout the film even though he hasn't spoke to her much. Even though he is perceived as a ladies man he is actually quite nervous when talking to Olivia.

Similarities/Differences To Me

Similarities - Duke often gets portrayed as someone he is not, He also enjoys soccer like myself.

Differences - Duke often gets shy , i don't really get shy that much he also has strong feelings , i haven't felt that emotion yet.