E.P. 5th Grade Goes to Camp

Nov. 7-9, 2018 ~ Camp Grady Spruce

Google Camp Folder

This folder contains the camp presentation with information for chaperones and campers, a packing list, and a parent to-do list with permission slips, cost, and due dates from 2017.


Save These Dates for the 2018 Trip

  • 10/11 Complete and return CGS permission form to homeroom teacher

  • 10/11 Complete and return Medical Information form to homeroom teacher

  • 10/24 Return completed medication form with doctor signatures (only if meds are needed at camp) to Nurse Williams

  • 10/24 All medication to Nurse Williams

  • 11/3 Pay $75: cash or check to E.P. Rayzor

  • 11/2 Send Camper Mail by Nov. 3 (Letter or Card)

  • 11/3 Gather Necessities (see What to Bring List)

  • 11/5 Get Packed

  • 11/6 Make a sack lunch

  • 11/7 Drop 5th grader off at E.P. at regular time with their 3 bags (lunch in backpack)

  • 11/9 Meet your child upon our return to E.P. around 2:00, front of school

Does your 5th grader need medication of any kind while at camp?

Check back later for more information.