The French and Indian War


The French and Indian War, a colonial extension of the Seven years War that went on from 1756 to 1763. This war was the bloodiest of the 18th century and took more lives than in the Revolution!

It all started when there wher etensions between British and French wanting to increase their land holdings. The beginning of the war was in November 1753, when George Washington and a number of men headed out to deliever a message to a French captin. The demand was that he'd withdraw his troops, but the demand was rejected. In 1755, the British sent General Edward Braddock to oversee colonial forces, but was surprised by the French and lost his life.

After one year of undeclared war, they declared it in May 1756. For the first three years, the French were winning, and even allied with them. In 1758, British luckily becam eallies with the Indians and the Indians began to leave the French. As years passed, the French collapsed with a massive defeat at Quebec in September 1759.

British Win!!!

Since Britain won the battle, they controlled all of the /north America frontier. in 1763, the treaty of Paris set the terms for the French. French was forced to surrender all of their American possessions to the British and Spanish.

With the winning of the French and Indian War, Britain saved America. Britain kept fighting, and eventually won, keeping the country as a whole. Without Britain's idea of getting help with the Indians, we would of lost the war and probably have to leave America. Always being true to Britain, is the way to go and change wouldn't have been a great thing for us loyalists.