Weekly Rangers Newsletter

Week of October 17th-21st


  • Please help me in congratulating Chandra Brown! She is now a Kinder teacher at Fox Run Elementary. Her last day with us will be on Tuesday, October 18th.
  • Thank you to our Cafeteria Staff for all that they do every day! Ladies - we couldn't do this without you!
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As we end the 1st 9 weeks of 2016 - I want to Thank each and every one of you for being that person for your students. Every day, every moment, you are constantly lifting your students' spirits, hopes, and dreams. As a sign of my appreciation, you may sign out on Friday, the 14th, as soon as your students have all left. Enjoy your weekend Rangers!

Current Events

Saturday, October 15th:

  • Happy Birthday Amity Zamarripa!

Monday, October 17th:

  • Pink Monday! It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Please wear pink! (You may wear jeans with your Pink shirt)
  • Beginning of 2nd 9 weeks
  • Leadership Meeting, 8-10
  • Preschool Play & Learn storytime, 10-11, library
  • Choir, 2:30
  • RTI - K,2,4, after school
  • CIC/GLC meeting, 2:45-4:30
  • PTA Fundraiser Ends
  • SPED Team - Dot Winter will be progress monitoring with SPED Teachers.
  • National Boss' Day

Tuesday, October 18th:

  • Counselor Cluster Meeting, morning, K. Schwab,
  • Strings, 2:30-3:30
  • FLL Robotics, Library, after school
  • RTI - 1, 3, 5, after school

Wednesday, October 19th:

  • College T-Shirt Day
  • LIM Staff Development, 2:45-4:00, Library

Thursday, October 20th:

  • 4th grade Wheels on Bus Live History Museum
  • Erica Marshall's wedding shower, 3:00, library

Friday, October 21st:

  • Habit Hero Assembly, 8:30, Cafeteria
  • Special Olympics Bowling Practice, 9:00-11:30
  • 3rd-5th grade teams to meet with Tiffany during conference times
  • Book fair family event, 2:30-6:00
  • Fall Festival, 6-8
  • Report Cards distributed


  • If you are looking at purchasing Classroom T-shirts and are asking parents to donate money for this, you NEED to come and set up an account with Carol. This is an auditable piece. Come see me or Carol if you have any questions.

  • Early voting information has been emailed out to our families - please encourage it as much as possible.

  • Barnes & Noble has their educator appreciation days coming up from October 8th-16th. 25% off books, toys, games, music, movies, and more (Online & in-stores)-(Repeat)

  • October 10th:

    -Benefits Open Enrollment Begins

    October 28th:

    -Benefits Open Enrollment Ends - (Repeat)

  • Please advertise the need for PTA volunteers in your newsletters. Have them contact Sarah Wilson at story_sarah@hotmail.com - especially for Fall Festival! (Repeat)

  • Whitney Baker's email (9/15): Social dues this year are $ 28 for certified staff/ $14 for non-certified. You may write a check to Wetmore, put in in an envelope and place it in my box. They are due by October 28th. If you are sending me cash; please write your name on the envelope so I know who to mark off. (Repeat)

Upcoming Events



  • Happy Birthday Erica Marshall!


  • Early Voting Begins
  • Red Ribbon Week. Team Up against drugs: Wear your favorite Jersey/sports team t-shirts
  • First official day of RAP
  • Scholastic Book Fair, 7-3, library
  • Choir Practice, 2:30-3:30


  • Happy Birthday Eric Herzog!
  • Happy Birthday Jeanne Schaefer!
  • Scholastic Book Fair, 7-3, library
  • Red Ribbon Week, Give Drugs the Boot! Wear Western Wear!
  • Strings, 2:30-3:15
  • FLL Robotics, Mr. Herzog's room, after school


  • College T-Shirt Day
  • Leadership Meeting, 8-10
  • Scholastic Book Fair, 7-3, library
  • Red Ribbon Week, I have the power to be drug free! Wear Super Hero Shirts!
  • Tiffany Arce Math PD (continuation), 3:00-4:30, K-2nd, Room 22


  • Scholastic Book Fair, 7-3, library
  • 1st grade math training
  • Red Ribbon Week, United we stand against drugs! Wear Red, White, and Blue
  • PBIS Foundations, 8-11, Ramec 614
  • Special Olympics Bowling Tournament, 9:00-1:30, (Plan for a clap out to cheer on our friends!!)
  • Strings, 2:30-3:15
  • PTA Spirit Shop, 7 AM
  • Scholastic Book Fair, 7-12, library
  • Red Ribbon Week, Show your drug free spirit! Wear your Wetmore Shirt!
  • Last day to turn in Social Committee Dues
  • Benefit Enrollment Ends


  • Leadership Meeting, 8-10
  • Reflections Submissions Due



  • Early dismissal day


  • Early dismissal day
  • Counselor Professional Development Day


  • Strings, 2:30


  • Happy Birthday Dawn Bender!
  • Last Day of Early Voting!


  • Happy Birthday Whitney Baker!
  • Daylight Savings time


  • Happy Birthday Pamela Bagley!
  • Leadership team meeting, 8:00
  • Librarian's meeting, 1:30, K. Wright
  • CIC/GLC meeting, 2:45
  • Choir, 2:30
  • RTI Meeting, 3:00, K,2,4


  • ARD Day
  • Council of Counselors meeting, K. Schwab, 7:30
  • ELECTION DAY on campus
  • RTI meeting, 3:00, 1,3,5
  • Strings, 2:30


  • Happy Birthday Kathryn Schwab!!
  • College T-Shirt Day
  • Retake pictures
  • Faculty Meeting, 3:00, Library


  • 5th grade field trip - Macarthur, Orchestra, 9:30
  • Strings, 2:30


  • Veteran's Day - more information to come!


  • Happy Birthday Robyn Roberson!
  • Leadership Team meeting, 8:00
  • Choir, 2:30


  • Happy Birthday Brian Ciaravino!
  • Happy Birthday Nycole Brooks!
  • Bookkeeper's Meeting, C. Mayfield, 7:30
  • Strings, 2:30


  • College T-Shirt Day
  • RATS
  • Committee Meetings, 3:00


  • 7:45 Author Aaron Reynolds visiting the campus
  • Strings, 2:30


  • Teacher Thanksgiving Coffee, 7:00
  • PTA Spirit Shop, 7:00

21st-25th: Thanksgiving Holiday