Skyhawk News

March 21, 2016- Two Week Edition

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Our Mission

Cedar Hill students, staff and families are committed to ensuring high levels of learning for all students and providing a positive, safe, and consistent climate that promotes student character.

Our Vision

Cedar Hill is a professional learning community of students, educators, and parents recognized for the excellence of our safe, student-centered environment, the character of our students and staff, and the involvement of parents and community partnerships.

We have an unwavering commitment to engage in meaningful collaboration with peers, parents, and students to: discover and implement the best research-based practices; analyze student data; and make informed decisions about differentiated instruction and student learning.

Students actively engage in hands-on learning, utilize technology on a daily basis, and achieve individually at their highest level as lifelong learners who are prepared for a globally diverse society.

Outstanding Behavior!!! Are you recognizing great behavior with the PBS clip chart? :-)

Important Reminders . . .


This Month. . .

Fifth Grade- March -Entrance bulletin board

Specials- March- Navy- Trustworthy bulletin board

*** Reminder- Bulletin boards are to be updated the first day of the month.***

Kim, Polly, Sarah R- April- Navy board- Accountable

Kindergarten- April- entrance bulletin board

Lounge Clean UP:

First Grade- March- Lounge Clean-Up

Second Grade-April- Lounge Clean-Up

***If you have brought 'free' items to the lounge to give away and they are still there a week later, please dispose of the items. Thank you!!

Please continue to use the clip-up charts, tickets, Skyhawk Bucks, Skyhawk Charts with fidelity. It makes a huge impact when we recognize great behavior in all environments of our building!!!

Please encourage kids to return summer school forms ASAP. The deadline is the end of the month.

Applications for Summer School Teachers are due in Talent Ed by Friday, April 1.

You can begin working on your classroom orders for next year. Plan on having around the same amount to spend. These will be due to Gabe prior to MAY 1.

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Upcoming Events. . . .

March 21- Walking Day K, 1, 5

Library Closed Today

8:20- Shelley Kleene- Summative

9:30- Golden Pencil Celebration

11:00- Lorie meets with Kathy

2:00- Lorie meets with Lindsey C.

3:00- Jessica Smith- Summative

4:00- Amy D., Sarah, Georgie, Lorie- parent meeting (J.W.)

March 22- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

Library Closed

5th Graders attend Childrens' Literature Festival

8:15- TST (B.S.)- Clark, Smith, Colozza, Rost, Dickey- NEW TIME

9:00- Summative Evaluation- Ryan

9:30- Summative- Terri

11-1- Lorie out for a funeral

1:30- Tornado Drill

1:45- Summative- Jessica Long

March 23- Walking Day K, 1, 5

Library Closed

8:10 RED (C.S.) McDowell, Colozza, Werdehausen, Rost, McBaine

9:00- Summative - Rick Rother

9:45- Summative- Jen B.

10:30- Lorie has a meeting with Sheila Logan and Shonna Bexten

1:25- Summative- Jen McBaine

March 24-28- Spring Break - Enjoy every minute!!!

March 29- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

Lorie out today.

March 30- Walking Day K, 1, 5

8:10- TST2 (H.D.) Stockman, McDowell, Rost, Smith

4:00- Lorie attends FASTT Math demonstration

March 31- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

9:30- Star Student/Above and Beyond Assembly

1:30- Storytelling Assembly- Grades 3-5- gym

2:00- Storytelling Assembly- Grades K-2- gym

April 1- Walking Day K, 1, 5

SKYHAWK SCOOT- during specials

8:30- Non-public Service plan meeting (S.B.)- Green, Werdehausen, Rost

10:30- Non-public Service plan meeting (H.J.) Goodin, Werdehausen, Rost

11:30- Lorie and Georgie attend Counselor Luncheon

April 4- Walking Day 2, 3, 4

8:10- MAP Examiner Training Meeting- for all administering the test

Great job, Terri! "Pirates, The Musical" was Fantastic!!